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Thank you, Daniel, for explaining why we get the "error" message. 

Thanks Daniel. I got the same notice but signal is bad in this area so I don't know if it's on my end or the other.

A week or two ago I got occasional pauses.

They were so long that I moved on before I saw any error message.

Thanks Daniel. That's a common error message that static Ning seems to have now from time to time, but they didn't use to have it. They don't think it's a big deal but the ones paying for a site might think so. In my mind when you have something happening now that did not happen before you should fix the problem. This brings us to the question of "is it within their power to fix this, or is it all because of something else?" Someone needs to explain the process and make that clear.

I didn't get any errors last week, but did for 8 hours today.
One think I found strange was it said the error was "unexpected". Is there such a thing as an expected error?

Yup, it happened again.  At the moment, A|N appears to be fully functional, but I don't think we can afford to take anything for granted.  If you have a problem with Atheist Nexus and you can still have at least minimal access to it, be sure to use the "Report an Issue" link, found at the bottom of every A|N page.

Thanks Loren. I'll do that.

I forgot to send reports, and will do so in the future. Thanks for the reminder. 

Loren, and friends, I have no qualm about giving members my email because I value our visits. 


These outtages are driving me crazy. Lately if not error 500, it's been everything squashed into a list along the left margin (also unusable).

I find something to read.

Yesterday I washed some dishes so the food on them wouldn't ferment. :-)

I suppose no email from Atheist Nexus members the last 2 days is due to these outages.

I've started to wonder if the Nexus is going the way of my favorite movie site.  It started having more & more troubles, & finally, one day, it was gone, never to return.

I would say that's pretty much the case, Spud: not only was the site down, but the engine that supported the site was down as well, so any email notifications from Ning or Atheist Nexus were virtually impossible.

As to the possible extinction of A|N, I would hope not, especially since we have a very strong proponent of its continued existence in Brother Richard, never mind all of us.  Ning would be facing a LOT of heat if they decided to quit on the code and shut us down.




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