7 Times Matt Dillahunty Broke The Spell I changed width to 385 and 217 to height

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Oh! Look! It works 

Thanks Loren 

Loren Miller 1 hour ago

TIP: When you're getting the embedding code,

* click on the "SHOW MORE" link below the embed line.  

* Scroll down a bit and you'll see prompts for video size, including a custom size option.  Select "385"  for the first (width) parameter and hit TAB.  "217" should come up for the height figure, then 

* scroll up and copy the modified embed code, which should now contain the new numbers.  I used that technique

Thanks Daniel for the link suggestion to YouTube. 

I should have specified that the 385 width is good for comment sections like "Music Lovers," where the width is relatively narrow.  With the field you have available here, you can use the YouTube default width of 560, and in fact, a touch wider, if you want.

It's something you can experiment with to get the desired video size.

BTW, that was an especially good compilation of Matt Dillahunty quotes!

Thanks for the 560 width. I did experiment a bit and feel more comfortable with being able to control the size of my pictures. 

Joan you are a million times better than the news you always come up with new things for me to explore and ........think....

Thanks for the post, Joan. I've seen this on YouTube before but watched it again today. This went full screen for me when often the things posted here on A/N will not do so.

Congrats, Joan, for getting a video posted.

Hi Joan,
I think this is a good video, a real good one, for me anyway. I like what he has to say about being moral without religion. I wrote something about this, and this confirms what I thought. so thank you. i liked the rest of it and think it is sound logic.

You are welcome, Richard. Isn't if fun to learn from each other?!

Yes, this is lots of fun:)




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