Some of you may not care, it bothers me quite a bit because I don't feel that an employer should be picking side of religion. There have been discussions on here about Hobby Lobby, and you may have heard about Chick-fil-a giving money to anti-gay groups, CNN just posted an article the lists 6 others.


1. Tyson Foods

2. Hobby Lobby

3. ServiceMaster (Terminex, American Home Shield)

4. Herman Miller

5. Interstate Batteries

6. In-N-Out Burger

7. Walmart (like I needed another reason to despise Walmart)


Does this influence your decision to do business with any of these companies?


I personally avoid Hobby Lobby because of their religious ads they post in newspapers, I avoid Walmart because of their poor working conditions and underage manufacturing, and Chick-fil-a for the anti-equality stance. I'm not sure about the others, but it won't help.

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Yay! I already either do extremely minimal business with them (sometimes a friend will drag me to Walmart for something) or do none at all! It's not inevitable!


A friend of mine looved chick-fil-a but her conscience told her to give it up, and she was sad. I told her to look for the recipe and try to cook it at home!

I think it actually helps our case as atheists.  Its like those roadrage drivers that have a jesus fish on their bumper.  Telling the world that religion is bogus, religious people are just like everyone else, and these "religion centered companies" are just as corrupt and uncaring as any other company.  "We may use slave labor, but at least we make them pray before lunch!" where am I going to get all my cool stuff for projects? Walmart and Hobby Lobby are now out. >/
I have heard some potentially good things about wal-mart recently.  That they are now carrying more organic products and are stocking more fresh fruits and vegetables.  (I am a nutritionist, so these are good things to me).  I dunno, do you think they are actually trying to improve?  Or just giving themselves a bit of a facelift.
But where else can I buy yogurt, tires, a TV, and bed linen all in one stop? Please don’t take my Wal-Mart away.
I personally think that any private business has the right to have whatever views they choose and operate under whatever premise they desire. As long as I have access to information regarding their support of certain ideals, I have no problem with it. In fact, I have no problem with spending my money at their businesses as long as it's not being allocated to religious hate groups (which Chik Fil A and Hobby Lobby do). It's up to those who oppose these views to not support if they are strongly against it and be a part of the self-regulating market.
I'm not an atheist who gets offended at a person's religious views and how much it influences their lives as long as it's not a direct affront to my personal rights. It's about as silly to me as getting up in arms about bands that are either overtly christian or are fronted by christians. I mean, you don't hear of too many people taking offense at the Rolling Stones because Jagger is an atheist.
I'm not sure that it's that I'm a "passive" atheist, it's that I hold liberty at a higher regard than my personal beliefs. I think a private business and person has every right to conduct business under whatever pretense they choose. I mean, church is essentially a business after all. In fact, the idea of forcing an end to religion bothers me because it creates a scenario of oppression. I think the ABSOLUTE key to atheism is that people are offered the information and are allowed to come to atheism on their own terms. If not, we end up being just as tyrannical and hateful as the religions of old.
BUT, let's not forget that you and I are on the same side. My approach is just more laborious. Speaking as one who's caught more flies with honey, it's just the way I work =)
I see where you are coming from, I just have to disagree with you.  Your argument sounds a lot like the one given by Rand Paul recently regarding the Civil Rights act.  That any business has the freedom to do as they wish, even discriminate.  That a business should legally be able to say "Whites only" or "blacks only" for that matter.  A small business may have a bit more leeway in having a more "christian-oriented" business,  but a large publicly traded company, well....It just seems wrong to me.
I absolutely agree with him, even if it's publicly traded.  The point is that if we disagree with how someone does business, we can simply avoid the company.  We can forgo buying their stocks.  We can spread the word, like our friend has done here.  I think that the best thing you can do in this country is let the crazies be crazy so we all know who they are and not create legislation that forces them into the closet.  I'd rather know who's a bigot than force them to keep it out of the way they operate.  And the truth is that most of these corporations are not actually supporting these bigoted, intolerant groups but their CEO's are.  No matter how much we dislike it, we have NO right to tell people what to think, just as they don't.  I mean the shoe could easily be on the other foot with xtians hating on atheist owned companies.
Sure, but you have the right to not work there.
True, but i guess thats hard to come to terms with when there isn't a huge job market out there.  But, i guess i want to point out, that I dont dislike them bc they are christian, but because of some of the practices they have.  I mean, I dislike certain companies for reasons having nothing to do with religion, mainly because they are corrupt in other ways.  My beef as an atheist is that a lot of those companies mentioned above are evangelicalizing.




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