Some of you may not care, it bothers me quite a bit because I don't feel that an employer should be picking side of religion. There have been discussions on here about Hobby Lobby, and you may have heard about Chick-fil-a giving money to anti-gay groups, CNN just posted an article the lists 6 others.


1. Tyson Foods

2. Hobby Lobby

3. ServiceMaster (Terminex, American Home Shield)

4. Herman Miller

5. Interstate Batteries

6. In-N-Out Burger

7. Walmart (like I needed another reason to despise Walmart)


Does this influence your decision to do business with any of these companies?


I personally avoid Hobby Lobby because of their religious ads they post in newspapers, I avoid Walmart because of their poor working conditions and underage manufacturing, and Chick-fil-a for the anti-equality stance. I'm not sure about the others, but it won't help.

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I was surprised to see Forever 21, Whole Foods, and Toms of Maine.  Wow. 


It didn't say anything though about if these companies were also political in their religious affiliations, i.e. lobbying for "religious causes..."  so would this be the same as Chik Fil A?


Well, the CEO of Whole Foods is Buddhist, so I doubt that translates to donating to the anti-gay lobby, etc.

WAL MART???? Holy H. They are so anti anything Xer that I thought they were like Hell's major company.


Well, no avoiding them. But the others?

Personally, I don't let pushy religion affect what businesses I patronize because I feel that it would be hypocritical to avoid a business over Christianity versus the ones who abuse animals, Chinese factory workers, the environment, etc. Most if not all businesses have unsavory aspects to them.

Walmart is religious?

I'm glad there was a Target built acrossed the street from it, becuase I like Target better anyway.




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