8-year-old bride dies from internal injuries because of 40-year-old husband_Yemen. !?


well, guess this could go under ethics and morals too.. but...

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SC, I don't know how one debates when disgust pervades.  Religionists also regularly and emphatically express disgust too, about people in different religion, or no religion, or another race, or another culture, or of gay people.

Disgust is appropriate for this circumstance  Religionist abuse of children deserves to be publicised, and demonized.  Especially when the religion supports that abuse.  Same as the persecution, abandoment, and murder of child "witches" perpetrated regularly in several African countries.

I don't know whether nonreligious people are less evil at times than religious people.  I do know that many evils are perpetrated and supported by religious and religious people.  The proper response is disgust.

"How does one debate when disgust pervades?"

My answer: Focus On The FACTS ... and do not blink and don't look away, whether the topic is indoctrination of children with religion or faith healing  vs. medicine or, as in this case, the religiously justified rape of children.  I would look at issues such as:

  • The treatment of an intelligent being as PROPERTY
  • That the victim in all likelihood hasn't even reached menarche
  • The irreparable damage, both physiological and psychological, to the victim
  • That the only justification for this practice is supposedly "tradition" and the example of Mohammed

I would hammer on those points repeatedly and shame my opponent with them.  Yes, I said, "shame," because anyone who would defend such a position, whether in a debate or because they actually support that position, is suborning human usury.

Certainly, there is emotion which comes out of these facts, but that is not where to put the focus.  Put the focus on the facts, and the argument will take care of itself.

Great response Loren. 

Unfortunately, your shaming of this fellow would certainly land on deaf ears as these are examples of how Mohammed treated people.  Muslims are supposed to emulate Mo as an example of the perfect human.  While your shaming would work on certain Muslims, I very much doubt any change in attitude would be forthcoming from cretins who strictly follow the Koran and Hadith as this fellow.did.

That being the case, those who want to exercise these practices would do well not to do so in the US or any other country where shariah and hadith are not in force.  Shaming may not faze them, but a few years in the slam may make an impression.

True, but sending them to prison would only be viewed as an oppurtunity to do Dawah for Islam, proselytizing to non-muslims and thereby increasing the Ummah.  Then when they get released they will be hailed as martyrs for Islam.

Which is why I didn't want to see Nidal Malik Hasan get the death penalty.  I wanted to see that fucker spend a long, fruitless life in the slam, preferably in isolation, influencing NO ONE and being controlled by the very people he sought to kill.  Sadly, that's not how the verdict came down, but there may be some changes made between here and there.

It was hard reading the news report seeing the little girl dressed in her wedding dress, knowing after her honeymoon night she had a slow painful death.

It struck me in my gut.

Then I remembered my feeling reading Mortal Sin by Michael D'Antonio, it was about the same. It was a history lesson on sexual abuse crimes in the US Catholic Church and a glimpse of it happening around the world. Which got me asking what's the difference?

Are we more disgusted with the Islamic marring young brides because it's a given the abuse, deaths will continue. Though not much different to many kids abused by priests year after year. Then after it has stopped their mental torment continues for years or for the rest of their lives. A slow painful mental self-tortured death.

If a priest is found out sexual abusing anyone it triggers the first alarm. 'The image of the church will be hurt' starting secret payments to the victim(s). Sort of like the first rule of play in the Roman Catholic Church play book called Hush Money. A slush fund of dollars to be paid to the victim to agree to have their lips, be invisibly stitched shut for the rest of their lives.

Shhhhh here's ten, twenty maybe fifty thousand dollars to keep your ef'en mouth shut, we don't want this to tarnish the good church image. Live in your minds hell unable to tell why you are so messed up.

If that doesn't work the RCC playbook takes it to the next level by working to embarrasses them (the victim) in court, either to drop the accusations or possibly win and not have to pay the victim a dime.

However if Judge/Jury sees differently and awards victim cash, the RC church goes off sulking, paying out millions and millions year after year.

RCC Priest sexual abuse payments now toppling over a billion dollars paying to victims in US alone, and some say it's closer to 2 billion adding in hush payments.

But there hasn't been a blink of an eye with the faithful. Who you'll hear saying the sexual abusing priest are a “distraction to the good of the church”. Just a ho-hum distraction, no outrage. Secret payments as part of doing church business.

Sure you'll hear the priest are good for garbage and should burn in hell. Although those comments die down rapidly within hours, days after guilty verdict. Then it's back to the play book, keeping the churches image looking so caring and truck loads of non stop good praying. Even praying for your football team to win.

Praying for the priest who sinned. They being a priest will, should go to heaven to be with God.

The victim care, compassion, prayers? Gee is it even in the playbook after payment? Maybe the Alfred E. Newman, Mad magazine quote “What Me Worry?” is.

Now if the victim is all messed up in the head after years of abuse and now say now with alcohol abuse, guess the playbook tells them to go to AAA where belief in a higher power, God is a must. Really mess with their head. They tarnished the church good image.

Then they'll muddle sexual abuse crimes with homosexuality. Even the pope gets in on the action saying to have compassion for homosexuals but says he's shocked homosexuals want to adopt, as if it's a new idea. Thus keeping the hate alive and the paedophile priest sex crimes hidden and protected.

By now the RCC can wipe their hands, go back preaching to pray to god who loves you, will be with you in time of trouble, your protector. Everyone now happy the image of “good church” is back, the victim is mentally messed up but who cares while the priest scans for the next victim. As the faithful rejoice, like clapping seals being thrown a fish.

There is no difference between Islamic and Christian faith when it comes to abuse of children.

Look the other way as live child sacrifice continues in 2014, pleasing their god's sex drive it seems.

No disgust, only the “good church” image is emotionally important.

I just read the anon hacker will get more time than the rapists he/she/ they exposed..!? yikes..

There is some difference.  The RCC has to cover up the raping of children; Islam condones it.




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