9 year old rape victum vs. the catholic church.

So the rapist is the innocent here.
Catholics,gotta love um./s


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It's really the same for any organization that is large and in control. Just take a look at the US government. Congress nor the president represent the views of all Americans.
Un-fucking-real. I just don't get that the anti-abortion movement doesn't see that it's cases like these in which we need the option of government-regulate, safe abortions performed by trained professionals. Has it not crossed their minds that making abortion illegal will NOT stop it from happening? Pot is illegal, and look how much that stops people from buying it and smoking it! Abortions would still occur, they would just occur in back allies and be performed by hacks. Available, safe abortion is a necessity in society. True, not everyone is in as dire a situation as this little girl and her family, but to take it away from everyone, I think, would end up costing society more.
They are insane but too wrapped up in their godly little world to know it.
Its revolting to see that the some organization that claims the moral high ground is actually judging and punishing the family and doctors with the greatest severity it can while remaining conspicuously silent about the true criminal. However, to be fair, I see nothing in the article that suggests that the church is in any way defending the rapist.

The Catholic Church does see abortion as a crime, and it carries a penalty more severe than rape. I don't know if rape is grounds for excommunication, but abortion is (in fact it is the penalty is automatic, requiring no pronouncement from an ecclesiastical authority). In any case, the Church's position in this matter, as appalling as it is, should not come a surprise to anyone. The Catholic position on abortion has always been quite clear.

What I find most disgusting is not the statements from the Brazilian bishop, but the Church's attempt to stop the procedure. (see the original story at http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1883598,00.html). Organized religions are entitled to their beliefs and doctrines. They have no right whatsoever to try to force those beliefs on anyone.
Personally I'd chop the bollocks off the lot of them, the step father, the pope and the stupid archbishop. In fact I wouldn't stop there, I'd go the whole hog and do all clergyman of the catholic church just to stop the widespread abuse.


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