I'm not a conspiracy theorist, although I have entertained a few in my time. When I originally heard about people saying it was an inside job, I became upset. I thought how insensitive it was for anyone to make such outrageous claims. I saw it as a smear campaign against the administration (which will no doubt go down as the worst administration in history).

However, the more I looked into it after my initial shock, the more questions I had regarding evidence, poor response, and explanations. Here are some concerns, much of which are found HERE.


• Airport lobby video showing alleged hijackers on the targeted flights.
• Credible evidence tying bin Laden to the crime.
• Recordings of air traffic controller communications with the flights.
• Remains of any of the targeted planes.
• Remains of the Twin Towers and Building 7.
• Blueprints of the Twin Towers and Building 7.
• The contents of the black boxes from any of the targeted planes.
• Photographs documenting the crime scenes before they were disturbed.

At the core of the September 11, 2001 attack is a series of stupendous lies, including:

• That jet impacts and fires induced the mammoth steel-framed Twin Towers to explode into dust and shards of steel long after the impacts.
• That fires caused 47-story steel-framed Building 7 to implode with all the features of a standard controlled demolition.
• That Islamic terrorists hijacked four jetliners with knives and flew them all over the Northeast for nearly two hours without encountering any resistance from the trillion-dollar US Air Force.
• That top officials and Bush's Secret Service detail remained unaware that the country was under attack long after it began to be broadcast on TV worldwide.

Adding to the absurdity of the official story are facts such as:

• The responsible commanders were promoted after the attack.
• The evidence from collapses of the WTC skyscrapers -- the largest and most unanticipated structural failures in world history according to the official explanation -- was destroyed as rapidly as possible.
• Only $600,000 was allocated to study the collapses before the steel had been recycled, and the all-volunteer investigators were barred from the site.
• There has not been a single successful prosecution of any of the supposed perpetrators anywhere in the world for direct involvement in the attack.

It's easy to dismiss the "truthers" as kooks, but try looking into some of the explanations and evidence for yourself before you jump to conclusions. Americans deserve answers.

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Again, you are sidestepping. You point the finger of "Creationist" and "conspiracy theorist" in order to further you from the rationale of the information presented by U.S. government. You've made up your mind that government is too incompetent to pull it off a conspiracy which builds a wall preventing you from seeing anything else. Rather than respond to my questions, you go on the attack. Who's the Creationist here? Who's refusing to use reason and logic? Who's blindly following their leadership?

You have not looked at the data and you never will. You are being manipulated and you have no clue. You live in your propaganda world and everything is peachy. That's your choice. You will only have yourself to blame.

You're "not going to waste time arguing things" because you can't. I repeat, you can't.
I don't even see that there was a cover up (and I would consider myself to be a logical person). I see very few questions that can't be answered with a short amount of research. I spent several hours yesterday pouring through various sources looking at the questions posed earlier in the thread. I answered them with my own words (page 2, posted yesterday). I have not said there was no conspiracy, I just don't feel the evidence available warrants that conclusion.

You have conjecture and questions. Some questions are easily answered, some of them are not. There are some good questions that don't have easy answers, but when you reach the end of those questions, you don't have proof of a conspiracy... just unanswered questions. You are asserting something with no evidence other than questions and hand waving. That is neither logical nor rational.

Even if I agreed with the idea that something fishy was going on (and there are certain things I will give that response for), that doesn't mean that you have enough evidence to posit a conspiracy with any level of confidence.

Yes! Questions are good! Look deeper than the explanations that are handed to you. That is healthy and can lead to growth and a deepening of knowledge. I won't make a positive claim unless I have sufficient evidence to back up that claim. That kind of thing requires evidence and logical thinking. The only "evidence" I have seen that a conspiracy has taken place is a list of questions. We may never have the answers to all of those questions, but no matter how many times there are good answers given to those questions we don't see them die. They stay on the list, to be dealt with in the same fashion by the next person down the line.

Why is that? Dogmatic acceptance of an idea. It's unhealthy, even if you happen to be right.
You may not think I understand your perspective, but I do. I believe there is a conspiracy, but I have not given any proof, nor have I said I have proof. You have come to a different conclusions based on explanations to questions posed. Just because you believe a certain view of explanations over what I believe doesn't make me dogmatic.

What I am trying to do is create awareness since I believe there was a mass conspiracy beyond what most people are comfortable with accepting. If there are questions unanswered, then let's get them. The questions will certainly remain unanswered if we sweep them under the rug.
The only conspiracy was to cover government and intelligence incompetence and failure.

Other than that, I give up. You win. I and the rest of the A|N community have been brainwashed by CIA orbital mind control lasers. You were the only one smart enough to put on your tinfoil hat in time. I think Bruce Willis should play you when they make the movie.
Or Woody Allen or Sienfeld.
But when doing this you are at the same time spreading propaganda; and you are very dogmatic in your infallible belief of there being a conspiracy.

There is one thing believing and one thing pushing it too far; you are pushing it way too far and you got the punishment you deserve for that.

A lot of people did raise fingers early on, what you are doing is dangerous, not only to yourself, but to people around you.

You keep claiming that your conclusion must necessarily be more right than people with other conclusions even though we may have seen the same sources. A lot of coincidence equal to correlation or even causation here; if you haven't watched the Number 32 I strongly suggest you doing so.

This is how it feels like for us dealing with you.
And Zeitgeist is a better source of information than Wikipedia?

Btw, watch the conspiracy theory about Zeitgeist... Bet you didn't know that one. Can be as easily found on Youtube.



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