So I went to a bar after work. I was sitting there by myself waiting for my friends. All of a sudden a girl walked up and sat next to me. I bought her a drink. We started talking and making eye contact. She was a beautiful girl who was interested in me. We started talking about going out the next day for dinner and some drinks. She seemed really excited as did I. After some flirtatious comments I made she started blushing. She then said to me, "I thank God I found someone who isn't a total asshole." One part of my brain told me to keep my mouth shut. The other wanted me to ask her how strong her belief in god was. The better half won. I asked her how strongly she believed in god. She said she believed that Jesus was God's son and that he was sent to Earth to save us.

This girl was beautiful, I mean gorgeous. Luckily the better brain won and I started arguing with her about Jesus, and how there was no proof he really existed. Her eyes widened and I knew then it was a lost cause. She said she didn't agree with me. I could have taken advantage of her and agreed with her just to go out on a date with her. The problem is that alcohol makes the sensible part of my brain come alive. I could have used her for sex, but I decided that it wasn't worth lying to myself to have that happen. She said we could still be friends, but I laughed and told myself it would never happen. I cannot honestly hang out with this girl to hear the bullshit spewing out of her mouth. I took the high road and paid my tab. I left the bar and went home. Whether she calls me is a different story. Considering her reaction, probably not.

I am a die-hard atheist, but believe that it is hurting my chances with women. She brought God up and I couldn't resist telling her my beliefs. Did I make a stupid move, or did I do the right thing by weeding out the religious ones?

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Ha! You made her kind look bad by being the most honest and gentlemanly one out there without needing the help of an invisible friend to tell you how to behave, unless Harvey was with you. I've heard he likes to hang out in bars.
Never ever ever ever ever ever use someone for sex. o_o So umm. That's good.

I think it's good to be friends with Christians. It heightens their opinion of us. I think that the best argument is one where you don't make the other party feel threatened. They'll listen more. Dating though? Well, unless she was willing to change, or at least accept you, I can't imagine it working out.

I'm going to admit... the chances of finding a male non-theist is greater than finding a female one in fun-times religious areas like mine. In my case though, I'm not incredibly interested in dating. And unlike your godly lady, I am not gorgeous, so it's kind of a moot point.

I tend to say "god" a lot. Its funny because saying "oh dear god" offends Christians and doesn't make sense for atheists. Who is saying it? :P
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder dear, don't write yourself off because your personal self-image doesn't match that of societies, you will find that a good guys idea of beauty is way different then that of Maxim or Cosmo.

Using someone is never good no matter what, that being said, if to adults want to have consensual sex with no expectation of anything else. I see nothing wrong with that.

Finding a female atheist is crazy hard, especially in Oklahoma :/
Kay well... these beholders are not impressed by me. :P

And no I have no issues with consensual random sex it just needs to be quite clear what the expectations are for both parties.

I looked on and there are 0 atheist meetups near me. It's quite funny/tragical. I am extremely fortunate though; in life I know quite a few atheists/agnostics, though most of them are in my family. Or too old, too young, or gay.

I know I'm kind of getting ranty here, but in my high school years, and even just at my college registration, I noticed that our Super-Mormon-Majority isn't all it seems. I've heard honest religious discussions of people saying that their belief in God differs from the generic teachings, or that they're "supposed" to be Mormon, but aren't really. My junior year of high school I knew of one atheist at my school. He was young, and didn't have a fraction of a billionth of the argument he could, but it was a start. Right before I graduated I found another, stronger Atheist. And he had Atheist friends. Who knew that so-and-so was one too?! It's too late now to get in with that particular scene, but at least the movement is happening. I just wish that these people with doubts-- even those who believe in God-- would voice them a little more. That strong atheists and agnostics would disconnect themselves from the church. Because it's happening! People are thinking, and they do not need to be ashamed of it!

Oh and I hope I'm good proof that you can corrupt* a female. :P

I've been lucky on many fronts when it comes to my relationship. I met my girlfriend of 3 years in a club at 6 AM. She was a believer in god but only in a spiritual sense. No dogma. At the time I was more of a deist and only came into to my anti-theism about a year into the relationship. She not only accepted me but supported me and actually has started converting to a more agnostic way of thinking.
But I have also been in relationships with VERY religious women. One in particular was incredibly stupid. We were having a discussion with another couple and the origin of the universe came up, in particular the big bang. Knowing that she was very religious, I asked her if she knew what the big bang was. To my utter horror and disappointment she said, "Yeah that's what killed the dinosaurs." After that experience even though I had not realized I was an atheist yet, I promised myself that I would never date anyone that was so religious that they didn't know 5th grade science.
You made the right decision, a relationship is hard enough, add in a belief that causes arguments without chance for concession, and a relationship is doomed from the start.
I just want to say thank you for all the comments folks. Another thing, I don't go to bars for picking up women. I go because I work in the restaurant industry. For those of you who don't know what it's like, it's very stressful. All day dealing with all kinds of people with different personalities who don't like this or that or want to tell you how to run the restaurant. It takes a toll on a man. So I go to bars after work to help calm myself down after a long day of stress. Without drinking it would take me 5 hours to calm down after a day at work. With alcohol I am in bed as soon as I get home from the bar. So alcohol helps. I don't get wasted, but 2 or 3 good drinks will put anyone in enough of a stupor that they can fall asleep. That being said if a woman comes up to me at a bar I am not looking for a one night fling. That's not the kind of person I am. I look for long-term relationships because those are the most meaningful.
I am an atheist but my bed doesn't mind beautiful delusional hotties. Frankly, I get so turned on when they start screaming and calling out for god. No, bitch. This is a no god zone. RaaaaawwRR!
My favorite response to the "oh god" is, "please please, my earthly name will suffice"
Give it to her and give her something else to worship. I'm no saint, when I meet a hottie, I don't let it pass. I'm an animal who appreciates the physical beauty and work of evolution that has come wandering in my midst. Whether she is a theist or not, that isn't the point. No one talks about god or gods in a bar. Gods and religions are stressful topics. You go to a bar to relieve a stressful day at work.

Talk football. Gooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll! :)
Ha ha ha i'm with you man. Oh look, your non american is showing. Here we call that soccar and football is well, handegg. LOL
Many years from now, when contemplating your life while laying on your death bed, you'll regret this rash decision. You are under no obligation to disclose anything about yourself, including your politics, wealth,
philosophy, or religion. I think that offering up information that is likely to cause you harm is foolish, and certainly not honorable! It would not be honorable for a sheep to offer itself up to be sheared, nor for a man to offer up his wallet to a bandit.

Perhaps it's just me, but rarely (perhaps never) has a beautiful woman tried to seduce me in a bar. There are a number of good reasons to refuse her, such as concern re: stds, already being married, having an important appointment in 10 minutes, or her having a large and savage boyfriend already. However, passing up the opportunity because you're defensive about you philosophy is not among those reasons.
I can't do anything but disagree with your principle. There are many women with whom he *WOULD NOT* need to be complicit in a lie of omission to get on with. One could certainly argue the diseased nature of religious belief in general, but that's another topic, I suppose.

Him choosing not to waste anytime with an individual he would not likely have a lasting relationship with is not a rash decision. It may be a 'shortcut', but it's a shortcut that I've learned as well (as I'm sure most non-theists have).




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