So I went to a bar after work. I was sitting there by myself waiting for my friends. All of a sudden a girl walked up and sat next to me. I bought her a drink. We started talking and making eye contact. She was a beautiful girl who was interested in me. We started talking about going out the next day for dinner and some drinks. She seemed really excited as did I. After some flirtatious comments I made she started blushing. She then said to me, "I thank God I found someone who isn't a total asshole." One part of my brain told me to keep my mouth shut. The other wanted me to ask her how strong her belief in god was. The better half won. I asked her how strongly she believed in god. She said she believed that Jesus was God's son and that he was sent to Earth to save us.

This girl was beautiful, I mean gorgeous. Luckily the better brain won and I started arguing with her about Jesus, and how there was no proof he really existed. Her eyes widened and I knew then it was a lost cause. She said she didn't agree with me. I could have taken advantage of her and agreed with her just to go out on a date with her. The problem is that alcohol makes the sensible part of my brain come alive. I could have used her for sex, but I decided that it wasn't worth lying to myself to have that happen. She said we could still be friends, but I laughed and told myself it would never happen. I cannot honestly hang out with this girl to hear the bullshit spewing out of her mouth. I took the high road and paid my tab. I left the bar and went home. Whether she calls me is a different story. Considering her reaction, probably not.

I am a die-hard atheist, but believe that it is hurting my chances with women. She brought God up and I couldn't resist telling her my beliefs. Did I make a stupid move, or did I do the right thing by weeding out the religious ones?

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I tried dating a Catholic woman a few years ago. Very devout, talked about Jesus all the time. Yet she loved sex. I asked her if she didn't feel like a hypocrite and she said she didn't believe God would be upset with her for doing something she enjoyed so much. It was over when she starting trying to get me to "see the light".
lol. No, not a bad idea at all.




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