So I went to a bar after work. I was sitting there by myself waiting for my friends. All of a sudden a girl walked up and sat next to me. I bought her a drink. We started talking and making eye contact. She was a beautiful girl who was interested in me. We started talking about going out the next day for dinner and some drinks. She seemed really excited as did I. After some flirtatious comments I made she started blushing. She then said to me, "I thank God I found someone who isn't a total asshole." One part of my brain told me to keep my mouth shut. The other wanted me to ask her how strong her belief in god was. The better half won. I asked her how strongly she believed in god. She said she believed that Jesus was God's son and that he was sent to Earth to save us.

This girl was beautiful, I mean gorgeous. Luckily the better brain won and I started arguing with her about Jesus, and how there was no proof he really existed. Her eyes widened and I knew then it was a lost cause. She said she didn't agree with me. I could have taken advantage of her and agreed with her just to go out on a date with her. The problem is that alcohol makes the sensible part of my brain come alive. I could have used her for sex, but I decided that it wasn't worth lying to myself to have that happen. She said we could still be friends, but I laughed and told myself it would never happen. I cannot honestly hang out with this girl to hear the bullshit spewing out of her mouth. I took the high road and paid my tab. I left the bar and went home. Whether she calls me is a different story. Considering her reaction, probably not.

I am a die-hard atheist, but believe that it is hurting my chances with women. She brought God up and I couldn't resist telling her my beliefs. Did I make a stupid move, or did I do the right thing by weeding out the religious ones?

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You are a man of honour. This is the kind of morality no theist will ever get - whilst at the same time cursing you as immoral.
I wouldn't say it was a stupid move. On the other hand, if she didn't start questioning you about which myths you prefer, then it wouldn't be dishonest to save it for a discussion directly following some love making. :P
You did the right thing. And, I wouldn't worry about meeting other women. If she approached you, it sounds to me as though she probably wasn't the first, and won't be the last. And, it certainly doesn't preclude you from approaching others. Don't know what you're looking for, but if it's a long term relationship remember - it only takes one out of the myraid of potential partners out there. Keep up your standards, and integrity.
Man oh man, Im in a similar situation as well. I dated a catholic girl who was fun and somewhat free when she didn't get a guilt trip from years of indoctrination and brain washing. to make a long story short, I fell in love. One day we had a conversation about kids, she said she wanted her kids baptized and I told her I'd have no such thing. She asked if I would let the child be confirmed since it meant so much to her, I asked her, would she lat the child not get confirmed because it means so much to me. It all went down hill from there. After a year of great times and love, she chose jesus over me. It's not the first time I have been dumped for someone who doesn't exist. Needless to say, your decision probably saved you a lot of heartache down the road my friend.
If someone is about to share something with you about which you feel great, but which that someone will regret and confess as a sin, is it worth it?
Ah sucky times man. Too often are the beautiful and attractive, also the most diluted.
I would of probably dodged those questions for the time being and see if i could convert her, but otherwise broke it off. You probably saved allot more time in the end than i would have. As people like that usually cannot be reasoned with.
I think my hormones would have got the best of me and I would have ignored her "thank god". Most people only give lip service to Christianity, she may not even actually own a bible, who knows? I guess I'm in the minority here but I've never actually met someone who was openly atheist or even agnostic; not that I distinguish between the two really. The one thing I've learned about living a life with less conflict and more opportunities is that becoming "Mr Atheist" before people even get to know you can be a quick way to end potential relationships, friendships, employment, etc. I'm not saying that I'd hide it but I wouldn't start proselytizing either. Yeah but you guys go ahead and take that higher ground, some of us want to let things flow smooth before we go turning off gorgeous women, we can't all be morally superior in fact I'm gonna go ahead and find that happy middle ground.
Problem is, a lot of times when you find a "middle ground" with a christian you end up having to compromise who you are to satisfy the relationship. When it comes to marriage, do you get married in a church? When it comes to kids do you allow them to be brainwashed and abused mentally by the church so you can have "middle ground"? Now, if you are just looking for a quick roll in the hay then cheers to you my friend. If you are looking for a long term relationship and want to keep your integrity then don't waste your time.
No one marries everyone they meet in a bar, you seem to have read far too much into it so as to be bording psychic hotline advice. You've merely contrived a worse case scenerio, whilst I can just as reliably posit a best case scenerio; perhaps her time with an atheist will give her the lucidity to leave superstition behind and embrace a reason filled life, or maybe she's got a hot atheist cousin who I wind up sipping a lush shiraz with until the wee hours of the moring, or maybe this or maybe that, sometimes you just have to skip the maybees and live your life, damn the "potentially unfavorable" consequences.
I just try and be honest with everyone. I'll be anyone's friend no matter what they believe in, what I inferred from his riveting tale was that this was more of a romantic interest than a friend interest. Now, if she just wanted a roll in the hay, by all means we are two consenting adults. You could believe in whatever you want cause it doesn't matter when you leave the next morning. Anything more then that and your belief is unacceptable. I'm to the point in my romantic life where I don't want to have to wake anyone else up. I want to meet a like minded person. What you described here is all good and dandy if her and I were nothing more then friends.

TL;DR It would all depend on where you are in life and what you want out of your relationships.
Well, I always hated the religious following the behavior "Only date within your religion. Too many conflicts will abound". Ignoring the irony that two christians can't get married because they believe the same god is different, it leaves those of us without faith at a further distance from the baseline.

Two theists can at least hash out the difference in theisms. Deists and theists can at least hash out the nature of their deity. An atheist can't find any literal common-ground with a theist. We can do our best to translate their concepts into humanist terms, but generally speaking, any dogma sourced from revelation will fall upon the atheists deaf ears (or 'deaf heart', as the faithful would call it). An atheist would be required (if a person of conviction) to combat these points, likely to the detriment of their relationship with the theist in question.

My solution to the problem: find a catholic attending a Jesuit university. If the person's IQ is above 80 and they attend *ONE* world religion class, they will be as close to atheist as the faithful can be - and in my case, the woman in question dropped her faith altogether. She still has notions of ancestor worship - which I can forgive far more than deity worship - and more or less thinks of the world in pantheist/gaeaist terms, but these are fairly easy to relate to humanism.

I think you did the right thing. I personally feel that these people should be challenged as often as possible. Jefferson's statement about poverty applies to all forms of poverty (including the intellectual kind): "The best way to help the poor is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty" Only by allowing them to speak the way they do, and in public no less, without a contest do we bestow the acceptability of unfounded thought upon our children and society.

If I were to stand on a street corner preaching that "the earth was flat and the chinese won't be a problem because as soon as they have a power outage, their gravity machine will fail", someone would contest my claim. Why do we permit people to claim that "god's son made all sins forgivable, so do as you like, but say you're sorry" without contest?
So no-one is going to comment on all that is going on while her god is helping her meet a 'great' guy in a bar (instead of church, perhaps) or did I miss it? It is not that you can't meet great people that way, but with the religious side she is really reducing her chances. The best part is you were the most gentlemanly person she seems to have met in a long time. Go 'our team' (for lack of better phraseology)


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