Hello from Tennessee! Gospel music flows through high bass playing, neon cars. A flag right next to the cross in every church. Yes.... if hell was alive I think Satan would send me right back here.

Anyways, I'm Stevie and I live in a Baptist family. Woot?
They treat me decently you know? Upon no freedom that they give me I really do have a nice home life. Food, nice room and materials. So.... don't be hate'n on them just yet.

But I do have a problem: They (i.e. my mother) insist on me going to church every Sunday and Wednesday. So, as we all know to fight and argument with someone of a different belief we have to use their knowledge against theirself.... So know any bible verses I could use? Or even a good argument?

Please, and thank you.

Have a good one!

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Well, you are really young, and you are still dependent on your parents, who treat you really well. I've read stories of some parents disowning their children upon hearing that their children are atheists. I think your mother is that sort of parent. So just enjoy the free ride for now, and when you are independent (like in your twenties), then you can tell them. Coming out to overly religious parents is like committing social suicide. Don't do it.... yet :P

P.S. There are lots of good arguments on Youtube and Atheist Nexus; check them out!
Heh, that's the problem however. I've already came out (sorry for not specifying)and they refuse to talk about it with me. They want me to go to church and sit there like a good boy. My mom took it rather well when I told her.... she was silent.

If she keeps forcing me to go to church though I think the only reasonable action is to take somebody over her head; the preacher. But, this is why I ask here.... I don't want to go that low. I'd like to give her a chance for reason.
Oh no :(
Well, there is the possibility that they think you're in the rebellion phase of teenage, or that you being their child, are too naive to know what you're talking about. If that is so, might as well just play along for now. Seriously, don't strain your relationship with your parents over something... like this.
I'm all for atheists coming out to family and friends, to get the world to see that they are normal people, but not if the atheist is going to ruin their lives at such a young age.

That said, check out these groups:
Check out this guy's de-conversion series:
He used to be a devout christian, and tells you some very good reasons why he left. His is probably the best de-conversion video series so far on the web.

P.S. Oh, you're older than I thought :) Well, tell us what happens.
Just wanted to add some more resources:
Search the term 'God does not exist' into Youtube.
Arguments are scattered all over the site, of course. Sometimes the best arguments come from within the theist's own religion:

For anti-creationist arguments, there's a group here that deals with that. Also, there are plenty of videos debunking creationism on Youtube, such as the ones from this popular channel:
Thanks for the numerous resources, and the advice as well.

Time to do some reading. :)
NP, and welcome to Atheist Nexus! I hope things work out.
Heh, yeah. Baptist sermons tend to be preaching about hell though. It's kinda why I feel like I want out. I wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't 'Fire and Brimstone' sermons every Sunday. Never-the-less, thank you.

Just to update.

I am still going and my mom is giving me the 'evil eye' but understands where I am coming from. So, she doesn't force me down against myself.... so long as I don't go too far. :)
I was also forced to attend a Baptist church regularly until I read the bible through twice and was able to concistently point out the contradictions, inconsistancies and situational morality rampant in those pages. The Sunday school teachers and youth leaders finally ask that I not participate in groups where I could provide rebuttal.

That said, the strict rules applied to Baptist girls give them few opportunities to act like normal teens so they go wild when they can. Preachers daughters RULE!
My ex was the preachers daughter and knew straight-up that I was atheist. It was rather..... hilarious.
Welcome Stevie. I don't know what to tell you about your parents. Unless they get physical, I'd have to say just say "no" to church and buy yourself a pair of earplugs.
Nah, they are 'good' parents and I would never expect them to get physical: For that, I am thankful. And I am one to make the best of my time.... I love pulling out a KJV and showing people next to me the magnificent unicorns. (Job 39:9/12) :)
Stevie, please realize that spending time with your family is not a "Religion Thing", but a fact of life. Unfortunately as a member of a familiy unit, you don't always get to do what you want, regardless of how boring it may be. I understand, I've been in that pew too. Believe it or not, you are going there to get an education. Maybe not the one your parents had in mind, but an education none the less. The more you learn about your parent's religion, the easier it will be to understand what other religions are like and the people that attend services. But don't stop there, learn where the religion came from and how it influenced and shapes the world today. This will help you appreciate other things you study in life like Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics, History, Politics, Medicine, War, Art, Music, Theater. The list goes on and on. You'll start to wonder how we ever survived all the religious wars or ever made strides in medicine. You may even appreciate what religion has done for us with it's contibutions in Art and Music. And don't forget to honor your mother and father. That's not a "Religion Thing", that's just common sense. As a father of three, believe me, you're expensive.




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