Hello from Tennessee! Gospel music flows through high bass playing, neon cars. A flag right next to the cross in every church. Yes.... if hell was alive I think Satan would send me right back here.

Anyways, I'm Stevie and I live in a Baptist family. Woot?
They treat me decently you know? Upon no freedom that they give me I really do have a nice home life. Food, nice room and materials. So.... don't be hate'n on them just yet.

But I do have a problem: They (i.e. my mother) insist on me going to church every Sunday and Wednesday. So, as we all know to fight and argument with someone of a different belief we have to use their knowledge against theirself.... So know any bible verses I could use? Or even a good argument?

Please, and thank you.

Have a good one!

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You've got to get yourself kicked out of Sunday school.
If you can't do that, if you have to go, look at it as a fact gathering mission. You're an infiltrator, you're an observer of a primitive people. You're going to use the information you gain to help the world, later on.
Pin those sunday school teachers down with the hard questions. Keep asking.
Do your homework. Matt.10: 34, 35 Joshua 6:21...

They can make you go, but they can't make you believe.

This is a simply brilliant resource for people who want to show up the numerous inconsistencies in the bible

Edit: See someone beat me to it, lol
I'm just so glad that you weren't scared into submission by the whole hell thing. That at an early age, has a huge affect on steering a child's intellect. I was brought up in church, and had to go every sunday until I graduated from high school. I DID ask all of those questions to my sunday school teachers, and not one of them got answered. What I did get was shut up and believe or you will go to hell. That just made my spider sensors tingle. Why would ANYONE ask me to give up on using my logic?? If there was a god, wasn't my logic given to me by him? Then, after little mental debate, it dawned on me, there really was no god, and all of this church stuff, was just a way to control people. Then I went to college, and studied philosophy, biology, physics, sociology, astronomy, and wow, was I right! Anyone that asks you to ignore your logic, is hurting you. If people followed their logic instead of other base emotions like fear and superstition, this world would be a much better place! Never stop learning! That is my advise to you! NEVER STOP LEARNING!




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