It's called 'Atheisatanism', cleverly combining the words "Atheist" and "Satanism" (clearly, the two are closely related):

"Atheisatanism is a philosophical idea that centers around mankind being tricked in different ways to make bad decisions time and time again without implimenting the solutions to their demise or misfortune. Though human beings all know something could be wrong or bad or COULD hold concequences, people as a population, community, or as individuals will complete these actions anyways i.e. gambling, smoking, murder, rape, war, genocide, racism, greed,etc. etc. etc. on and on and on from small things to large monstrosities, regardless to knowledge or warning or common sence...[sic]"


So - what do you think?


I wonder if I need to mention the irony oozing from this statement...


If you want to see the discussion leading up to this statement, check out my latest blog post -

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Sounds like LaVey satanism to me. I always considered most of the godless to be very close to it anyway philosophically, they just don't play the stupid pantomimes and dress up games. LaVey was actually an atheist, despite hysteria to the contrary.
I consider myself a Satanic Atheist, whereas some people consider themselves Chrstian Atheists. I'm an atheist religion-wise and a Satanist philosophically.
I've never heard anyone refer to themselves as "Christian Atheist".
I have and it's strange.
I wanna say it's on episode 20 of the Atheist News Podcast.
He's not talking about LaVey Satanism.
Doesn't mean he doesn't sound like it.
You're right, but he's not :p

But I only know that because I know the guy.


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