Currently in the Central African Republic, there is a brutal religious war being conducted between Muslim and Christian militias. I commented on one incident from this conflict here on A|N a month ago. Seems that since that time, things have degenerated from horrible to nightmarish..

I was listening to the BBC this morning about more depressing news from that war torn land, when something struck, to put it simply, dishonest reporting.

Both the BBC and CNN are headlining the religious massacres in this nation as 'ethnic cleansing.' And, if you read the articles, I can't find one thing that talks about tribal or ethnic affiliations as was the case in Rwanda. It has, pure and simply, turned into a religious slaughterhouse. This strikes me as yet another example of the press not wishing to show the true face of religion at its worst.

In the 1990's, when the former Yugoslavia sank into a quagmire of religious murder, it was also reported as 'ethnic'. Christopher Hitchens in his work god Is Not GREAT, showed the fallacy of the world press in characterizing the massacre in Srebrenica as ethnic, when in fact it was Orthodox Christians murdering innocent Muslim men.  The same was true with Catholic Croats, Muslims, and Eastern Orthodox Christians all killing each other.

Now, we are subjected to the same disingenuous reportage from the world press. To call it 'ethnic' is, in my estimation, a mendacious attempt to shield the real source of the hatred and murder. While this may have an element of tribal affiliation (I've yet to find it), it has everything to do with who will murder whom over which one has the better imaginary friend.

I simply wish the press would call it what it is. "Religious Warfare  - Team Prince of Peace vs. Team Religion of Peace in a Caged Death Match."

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