First may I state that I am a non believer, a non believer in the sense that I KNOW God does not exist and they don’t come stronger than that. Naturally I can’t prove this, no more than I can prove God does not exist, and I certainly won’t swear it on a stack of Bibles, and I certainly won’t get bogged down in the “my atheism is bigger than your atheism” arguments, or the “nodding dogs debate” where we all sit in a line and nod in unison to every issue.

I will try and simplify at least one of my proposals in a logical way much beloved by atheists everywhere.

Premise:- The current anti theism clichéd arguments don’t work and a new strategy and arguments needs to be developed and introduced.

Logic states that if something is to be believed it must be empirical, in other words belief must be gained from information gleaned by means of observation, experience, or experiment.

Non theists have argued with theists for 1000’s of years using the same old clichéd logical arguments and given that there are more theists in the world today than have ever existed at any time in the past then clearly that particular brand of logical strategy has failed.

In the best traditions of logic this conclusion is empirically based, as there are 1000’s of years of “experience” of the failed strategy, we “observe” the failure daily, and twice on Sunday, and, as an “experiment”, try and convert any theist with those old clichéd logical arguments especially when he is in his herd with other theists and your conversation rate will be smaller than theirs. In fact so small it will be impossible to tell it apart from natural wastage as the odd theist falls from the straight and narrow.

Logic would dictate that, faced with a failed strategy, and if one really wanted to win the war instead of the odd battle, then that failed strategy should only be kept in place long enough to hold the line, until it can be replaced by another better one that learns and adapts from the failings of the old strategy.

However, it’s impossible for that to happen unless an honest appraisal is made of those failings so that alternative strategies can be created, and burying ones head in the sand and saying “my arguments must work because they are inescapably logical” when they clearly aren’t working will never win the day.

And that’s the challenge, there are two choices, either honestly dissect all the old failed arguments and figure out why they fail and try and create new better ones that don’t, or, go back to sleep and hope it all works out in the end.

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I assume you mean a larger percentage against believers. I'm not certain if even that is totally true as the main religions are vigorously converting the populations of various 3rd world countries away from their "beliefs" to mainstream religion, mainly Muslim and Christianity. So the main enemies of atheism are getting bigger and stronger. Neither am I convinced that percentages matter so much when you are faced with billions.



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