Joe Miklosi (D) is running for Congress in in Colorado's 6th district. He is running against the ultra right winger Mike Coffman who replaced the king of stupid, Tom Tancredo. Joe is a very committed Christian but he's a Christian that believes and follows the human-centric memes of the bible. His favorite passage is,
“To love justice, to seek mercy, and to walk humbly with the Lord.”
He has been active in supporting the rights of gays and lesbians including the right to marry and acceptance and equality in the military. He supports #OWS and believes many of the 1% should be behind bars. If (when) he beats Coffman I'm pretty sure he will be a member of the House's progressive caucus. As an Atheist I can easily support this particular Christian. If he accepts my rights as an Atheist I can support him
On Wall Street he says,

We can not allow Wall Street elitists to break or change the rules, and keep moving the goalpost, away from hard working families. Because of Wall Street greed and arrogance in 2008, millions of families were robbed of the dreams they worked and saved for, our nation was hobbled, and the Wall Street crowd sauntered into Washington to rewrite the rules again-- to give themselves a bailout. That’s not thrift, it’s theft.”

I can't vote for him – I'm in district 7 where we have a liberal Democrat in Congress and it's a pretty safe seat, but I can work for and contribute to his campaign.

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