BBC wrote:

“The Pope's schedule is continuing as planned, despite the arrest of six men in connection with an alleged terrorist threat to his visit. The men remain in custody following their arrest on Friday.

The Metropolitan police say
nothing significant was found during searches of residential and commercial
properties in connection with the arrests.

All six, who were detained in
London, were street cleaners working for Veolia Environment Services, a cleaning
company working for Westminster Council.”

( - Accessed: Saturday, 18 September 2010)

I don’t want to be rude or pessimist, but don’t you think the arrests were part of a plan – conspiracy, if you like - to safeguard the Pope from his oppositions or from facing harsh
criticism on such issues as child abuse? Maybe, a kind of counterattack on Richard
Dawkins’ and Christopher Hitchens’ calls for the arrest
of the Pope?

Any comments on this?

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It would not surprise me in the least.


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