A Conversation on Politics in the Wake of the 2012 Election

The following is a conversation, held at Stanford University on 7 November, 2012.  Its attendees, Steve Schmidt, Simon Jackman, and Tom Steyer, explore the ramifications of the reelection of Barack Obama as the president of the United States and how compromise must be integrated into the current government.

I found the comments of both the Republican and Democrat partisans to be both realistic and refreshing ... and I wish that those who were actually running those two parties, particularly Republican, could be bothered to listen to this discussion.

I found this video to be wonderfully level-headed and civil, and I think it is very much worth your time.

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Thank you Loren.

It does look level headed.  

I would love to see the politicians learn to compromise and concentrate on intelligent approaches to the challenges we face.  

We'll see what happens.  

How refreshing would it be to hear congresspeople in the House or Senate discuss matters with the tone of the participants of this video?  Answer: Pretty Darn Refreshing!  Seems to me once upon a time they actually DID do business that way ... and as a result, more business got DONE!


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