Ok.  A co-worker came up to me, today and said "The Lord told me to tell you something, can I tell you?".  I was like sure.  And she literally began her revelation:  "beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, I the Lord is here for you" or something to that effect, because honestly, she lost me on about the 3rd beloved.  lol.


Has anyone had anyone want to just come up to and pray for you or give you a revelation?  What did you do?

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Yes and I had to apologize because I started laughing.
Bahahahaha!  I tell u, inside, I was giggling.  She was so cute and sincere about it.  She went on  and on.  Gasping for breath.  Saying things like, when the Lord does this I lose my breath.  She was saying "whew..."  Holding her stomach, just dramatic.  Or as flavor flav would say "dramatical" lol. But, the sum of her revelation was that the Lord is preparing me for a high position or place or something like that.  He is putting me thru trials and tribulations now to   prepare me for a high place.  I was thinking "gee thanks, Lord.  put me thru some unnecessary crap why don't ya". 
Oh, gee, wasn't that swell of her? [groan!]
lol, right Loren.  U know how they are.  When the Lord moves they have to obey.  She put on  quite a performance.  I was just sitting there with this big ol' smile, speechless.  Especially, when she hit me with all those beloveds!  lol
One of the things fundamentalism robs some people of is their sense of what's appropriate. They will say the most outrageous things in the most inappropriate circumstances.
Once in a while strangers come up to me and try to make the divine bridge as such. I am always amazed anyone could be so mystic in thought. When I remind them about how our sun is fired, they usually drown conceptually on the spot though.
I had something almost simular happen to me a few weeks ago while shopping at the local supermarket, a bible thumper walked up to me and said she had something I might need,she pressed a biblical tract into my hand, I accepted it smiled and continued to shop without comment. But I swear I keep running into her in almost every aisle; I was expecting her to hit me up for a donation, that usually follows in those situations.Thankfully that did not happen. Theist never stop proselyting. 

You kept running into her.  I'm surprised she didn't tell  you that it was the Lord leading her to you!


That would have been a moment for laughing out loud. :-)

OMG, strangers in the land of Egypt!!!!  They put ancient Egypt down in the Bible but that is where Jesus fled to.  He learned among the Egyptians... U know, that book contradicts (sp?) itself so much.  but anyhooo...I can't believe he made u a gospel CD.  lmbao.  Was it Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, or old school The Mighty Clouds of Joy or something like that?  You know, they believe they are doing the right thing.  And that belief can be a mother effer!  I look back at some of the things I did as a Christian and think "idiot"!  lol.


Navitta FYI, after an episode like that always, always, always hit 'em with this line: The Lord must have sent you to loan me that $500 I needed. "Praise him"! :-)
omg...Navitta i can do one better...I was ONE OF THOSE idiots with revelations from the gotdamn lawd! I always 'heard' from gawd. Now, I realize there was some damn attention deficiency I was suffering from.




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