imo, it's an automatic disqualifier.  however it is further evidence that the GOP may not be interested in distancing itself from its Evangelical base. i highly doubt that Rubio actually believes in a young earth, but his reluctance to plainly discuss a scientific fact for fear of alienating himself from the loons that he wants to vote for him means that he is unqualified for the highest office in the land.  

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Rubio is at least an improvement on Trump: Rubio thinks God created the universe in six days; Trump thinks he did it himself.

Maybe ... but with friends like him, who needs enemas?

Did I read this correctly? "enemas?" Ya, I read it right. 

Truly a moving statement, Loren. I'm flushed with enthusiam.

Funny!  But seriously don't you think that of the two Rubio is more of a threat to secularism?

I would take Trump before Rubio or Cruz for that very reason.

They are all bad news of one sort or another, but I have a greater fear of Trump because he is so inexperienced and uninformed.

Yes, leave it to the Repuglicans to efficiently eliminate the marginally sane ones.

Rick Santorum and another Congress critter (Rep. Crescent Hardy, R, NV) were both stymied when asked, during endorsement statements for Rubio, to name one of Rubio's accomplishments. Cruz's claim to fame is he tried to stop the government again and he wants to impose Christian sharia on the country. They're both empty suits.

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

(My emphases)

At the Verizon Giganto-Center in Manchester the night before the New Hampshire primary, Trump bounds onstage to raucous applause and the booming riffs of the Lennon-McCartney anthem "Revolution." The song is, hilariously, a cautionary tale about the perils of false prophets peddling mindless revolts, but Trump floats in on its grooves like it means the opposite. When you win as much as he does, who the hell cares what anything means?

. . . 

in less than a year Trump has succeeded in turning the USA into a massive high school

And again, I have to ask, where's the substance of Trump's campaign?  Trump appears to be the apotheosis of sizzle, of delivering the right applause line at the right time, but I've yet to hear him speak substantively on POLICY of any sort in any serious detail.

So ... where's the beef, Donnie?

Substance? He don't need no stinkin' substance. (We found that out in 1979.)




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