imo, it's an automatic disqualifier.  however it is further evidence that the GOP may not be interested in distancing itself from its Evangelical base. i highly doubt that Rubio actually believes in a young earth, but his reluctance to plainly discuss a scientific fact for fear of alienating himself from the loons that he wants to vote for him means that he is unqualified for the highest office in the land.  

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If the GOP intends to pull themselves back from a rightward shift unprecedented in their history, then Rubio is NOT the answer for 2016!  When a political party courts a non-scientifically educated audience like this, all it does is magnify their irrelevance.

Can we all grow up now and acknowledge once and for all that two plus two does indeed equal four???

you just know he's their great "brown hope".  and if not him, who?  Jindal?  despite his recent moderate rhetoric, Jindal is as right wing as any of them.  to me, only Chris Christie is even remotely electable given the names that have been floated for '16.  and his party is still sore at him for, you know, actually working with the President.  so that leaves Jeb Bush, and frankly, i can't imagine that the electorate is prepared for another President Bush.  or maybe Paul Ryan?  which seems laughable right now.  

i saw that too, Pat.  i call bullshit on her comment though.  had this come out 2 weeks before the election she would have been defending Romney to the bitter end.  it's easy to throw dirt on a dead guy.  

i agree with the rest of what you wrote.  problem is, i'm not sure they can do anything about it.  they've cemented their place as the party of dumb, and there are far too many of their supporters who agree with the dumb/religious shit.  they'd have to completely reverse so many of their deeply held beliefs that it just isn't feasible in 4 short years.  maybe in the long haul they will, but it's gonna take some time and a lot more losses before it happens.  

Someone is bound to remind you of this, but I might as well bring it up.  When the full catastrophic lot was onstage at a debate, all GOPS, except John McCain, told the questioner that they did not believe in the theory of evolution.  McCain had to spin it by saying he believed in evolution, but he also believed in glorious sunsets at mountain lakes, and -- i.e. he waltzed poetic with that sappy grin he sometimes wears.  In other words, he fence-straddled.  But the fact that about seven other GOP candidates (including Santorum, of course) told the moderator they did NOT accept the theory of evolution is just astonishingly bad.  People the world over are laughing at us.  And their answers, of course, identify them as -- you guessed it -- Creationists. 

this was tantamount to the Nazi's denying the theory of relativity because they didn't like the "race" of its author.

someone came to his defense.  and sounded like an ignorant ass in the process.  go figure.  


faith also lets you evade all accountability for your wrongdoings since you do not believe there are objective facts about things.

can you imagine be governed by this right wing fascist twerp who hates nonbelievers so much he can’t even say the word secular?

Rubio is at least an improvement on Trump: Rubio thinks God created the universe in six days; Trump thinks he did it himself.

Maybe ... but with friends like him, who needs enemas?

Did I read this correctly? "enemas?" Ya, I read it right. 




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