imo, it's an automatic disqualifier.  however it is further evidence that the GOP may not be interested in distancing itself from its Evangelical base. i highly doubt that Rubio actually believes in a young earth, but his reluctance to plainly discuss a scientific fact for fear of alienating himself from the loons that he wants to vote for him means that he is unqualified for the highest office in the land.  

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Even his signature issue—deporting 11.5 million illegal immigrants in twenty-four months—is without substance. That would require deporting over 15,750 every day for two years at a time when the immigration courts are underfunded and overbooked or else violating the law and not providing hearings at all.

Just a thought about the creationists/evangelicals and their possible candidate:

“My Kingdom is NOT of this world”.  (John 18:36)

Participation in politics runs counter to that notion. With their literal tendencies, I would think that persuading evangelicals to NOT vote would NOT be all that difficult.  Do they really think that their vote will somehow alter the will of God when it comes to his plans for America? 

Holding oneself to vote for the proper position of God seems a bit presumptuous when humbly admitting one’s mortal abilities…God being omnipotent and all.

So, I propose  a “LET GOD DECIDE” campaign among the evangelical Christian communities.  Don’t they think that God would rather you let Him handle all this? 

A good observation, Asa, though with one problem: those who believe give every appearance of wanting to establish their god's kingdom in THIS world, the proverbial "heaven on Earth."  All their machinations here seem to equate with the same kinds of actions they might entertain to bring about the second coming.

Besides, you know the song: Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (But Nobody Wants to Die!)! [chuckle!]

In reality, they are their god.  Their concerted actions together make it look like it is coming from above but it is really just millions of them pullling together, ganging up on you, attacking you, making their kingdom here on earth.

Republican political adviser Liz Mair said on "Real Time" that she would vote for a dried dog turd before she would vote for Donald Trump. I'm not sure of her reactions to Rubio. Anybody that thinks our earth and universe was created 6,000 years ago by some god they cannot even describe is nuts. It gets worse when you realize that they got the idea out of an ancient book.

BTW, let's clear something up on 2x2=4. Of course it does, and always did. Mathematics is a language of our sciences and once you start claiming 2x2=5 you are instantly in a world that doesn't work. Not only do things not fit, you cannot ever order replacement parts for anything.

yeah!  bullshit does not work in reality or in science and therefore not in atheism unless the atheist is bullshitting and not living by the scientific method.

Since the latest additions to this string, I'm becoming more convinced it'll be Trump versus Clinton. She has total name recognition and impressive experience -- but her connections and her attitudes depress me. I hate rooting for somebody I don't really want for President,but that's what I'll probably be doing. Again. At least she does generally acknowledge the existence of reality.

You are probably right, but I am very concerned that Clinton brings too much baggage to the contest. Trump is vindictive and he will replay all the Clinton scandals from Whitewater on. The other thing that bothers me about her candidacy is the lack of message. What is it she wants to do as President?

Back when Bill Clinton was President there was a saying:

"Two terms for Bill and one term for Hill."


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