Not sure where to put this or where the thread will go. Unsure of whether I mean it as comedy or philosophy. One thing that I am sure of is that I think it unlikely that i will be walking into a church.

Backgammon:- If you don't play backgammon you may have difficulties appreciating what I'm saying. Backgammon is a game the purpose of which (the real purpose) is to demonstrate that the highly improbable happens with monotonous regularity. It's other purpose is to make an excuse for daily social rituals with other old codgers.

I have a backgammon god, her name is Brenda I call on Brenda when needed, make flattering remarks about her person and Brenda comes through for me quite a lot. And when she doesn't, which is quite often, there's usually a very good reason. for example i might have been a bit flippant or disrespectful towards her. Or I might have been taking her for granted; quite often it's simply a misunderstanding. I might for example beseech Brenda for two sixes and what she delivers is a 2 and a six. Get the picture?

Now What has happened over the past couple of days days is that Brenda has been
extraordinarily attentive to my needs. I won't bore you with the full, 'and then
I threw a six and a one, and he threw afive and a three,' of it. But what I will
say is that it became a bit uncanny forboth of us, (perhaps I should say all
three of us).

i would put the odds of asupernatural force not being involved ona par with the likelyhood of the popebeing infallible or somebody proving theexistence of God. Which we can all agreeis very long odds indeed.

So how to explain this? Could it be Iwonder, whether there might be an Atheist
NotGod, that looks after us when we'vebeen very devout in our LackFaith? Could this force be that mysterious dark matter' that they've been looking for?

Anyway any help with my crisis of disbelief will be appreciated :-)

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I think Brenda must be related to my Zen Parking God. The ritual goes as follows:
Drive into crowded supermarket carpark
Realize there are no parking spaces available
Shout loudly "Come on Zen! Find me a bloody parking space"
Almost instantly you see the reversing lights of a car leaving a space right in front of you.
"Thank you Zen!"
Saved again by the parking God!
I can relate to this being a rider myself, take care in avoiding the other 5%. /hugs
Luckily I am on good terms with both the god of invisibilty and the god of loud pipes so the miscreants that "fail" to see me will at least hear me as I roar past! Ride safe friends!
I think my wife worships the Orgasm God as, during bouts of sex, she shouts "O. God! O. God!". I tell her that the lack of frequency of her answered prayers must be due to her willful abbreviation of her deitific Lord's name.
Well gods are okay as long as you don't take them too seriously. i've replaced brenda with Cat Power. I rub the cats nose on the dice and think of Chan Marshall. Works every time...nearly.

Has your wife spent much time in Australia Will? Everybody seems to know her over here:-)




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