Jaume's discussion elsewhere reminded me of something I stumbled onto some time back.  If this isn't a for-real "trick of the eye," I'm not certain what is!

No, that's NOT an animated GIF; it is indeed a JPEG ... and I'm sure someone somewhere has an explanation for what and how it does what it does.

Meantime, stare and go crazy or not, as you prefer!

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Expect my bill shortly! [grin!]
Holy crap man, this should have a warning label on it, my eyes hurt so much now! *eyetwitch*
It's much better when you sit on it. It's very pleasurable to feel your buttocks slooowly massaged, in a circular motion.
watch it while you're high.

Not that I did, or condone doing so...
In the spare sight of eyes,it is in motion,and in high speed of watching,is in motion,but slow the speed and deduct the watching area,it is ok. We habit to looking at motion,anyway ,even it is not in motion.our eyes can creat speed by suspeted shapes.
I suspect this is less optical illusion than clever engineering, but:

the lines are all straight

Then of course when art meets illusion:

MC Esher

This one is great:
That's cool!  It does look like it is moving!  : )


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