This is the fourth post in my ongoing discussion of the rules. Feel free to sound off, just try to keep on topic.

The Rule:
4. Do not post pornography, other adult material, or links to said items. A good rule of thumb is if you would not show it to a thirteen year old, it is not OK to post.

The Reason:
The posting of pornography is not the purpose of this site. For a number of reasons--including the possibility of legal consequences, the presence of minors, the strong and diverse opinions and feelings about pornography and other adult content as well as our desire to not have our community marginalized or filtered by workplace internet software--we concluded that allowing adult content would do more harm than good.

The Action:
There don't seem to be many people who have a hard time understanding this particular rule, still; if you are unsure about what does and doesn't constitute "adult content," go ahead and ask a mod. As with most infractions, the punishment will likely hinge on a variety of factors, but ultimately members can be banned for posting pornography on this site.

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Pictures of people who have jumped off of buildings or been decapitated would be other examples of "adult content" that don't conventionally qualify as porn, although I guess anything is possible.

I understand where you are going with your second statement, but again, the arbiters of what is and what is not "adult content" will be the mods. I wish there were a more definitive way to outline it, but there you have it.
For the record, we have always had a policy of deleting all pictures of dead bodies. This is the Ning enforces it as well. No room for compromise here.
This explains a lot. I've seen a number of examples where adults behave like 13 year olds. They saw this rule and think that's required.

Actually this too is Ning ToS.
On the one hand, we do have some pretty blunt and graphic discussions about sex that many would not show to a 13 year old.

On the other hand, most 13 year olds are hearing way worse on the playground, if not already experimenting on their own.

If my (hypothetical) kid were to go looking for "dirty talk," I'd far, far rather they end up somewhere like A/N's Secular Sexuality group than any number of other places on the 'net.

I.e.; Certainly not ideal for 13 year olds, but a way better alternative to much of the shite they hear.

Same goes for profanity in other discussions. Say, anger at a news story. With all the places a child can go to hear a curse-word-salad, here it's usually (not always, but usually) accompanied by a frontal-lobe discussion of current events. I say we're ok there too.
I don't know that it's a matter of "can't" versus "we choose not to be the source."

I'd have to agree though that there are such things as photos of dead bodies that are not in poor taste contextually, and sometimes even a necessary evil to drive home a point.

I'd be ok with reconsidering a blanket "no dead bodies" rule in favor of a case-by-case rule.
My two cents...we all know that porn doesn't belong on this site.  We shall use our judgement and good taste will prevail. 




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