Better late than never, it's RULE #6 (awesome reverb) #6 #6 #6!

The Rule

6. Plagiarizing other people's works will result in a deletion of the materials in question and account suspension.

The Reason
Plagiarization is taking the ideas of another and claiming that they are your own ideas. In it's most evident form, it's a person copying chunks of a written work in their entirety, without attribution, in an attempt to pass it off as his or her own writing. It can be more subtle, such as using a whole sentence here or there without quotes or even using a single source and simply re-wording it. This last example is why college courses require research papers to have two or three sources minimum.

It could be said that almost everything we write is a little "plagiarized" as it is all subtly influenced by things we have heard or read, but it is almost always a co-mingling of these things, not a word-for-word recitation of another person's works.

While there is no law against plagiarization, it is the stance of Atheist Nexus that it is unethical and won't be allowed.

The Action
This will depend on the severity of the plagiarism. To actively pass off an entire work by someone else as ones own is so dishonest it could easily end in a ban. The passive cut-and-paste-but-forgot-to-attribute kind of plagiarism will likely result in a warning. This mistake happens, but it shouldn't happen a lot.
It is important that you attribute your sources, people deserve credit for their work!

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Let's see; in a way-too-drawn-out-debate, I recently had someone strongly imply that the stance I'd taken all along was new and inspired by his awesomeness in educating me. "Coming into his camp" was the phraseology I believe.

But I think that falls under "Irritating/Creepy Imagery/Lame Debate Tactics" way more so than actual plagiarism.

Rule sounds pretty straightforward to me. Give credit where credit is due.
BTW: Loved the awesome reverb. Totally sold me on the thread.

I like the 6,6,6 emphasis here!
Just remember if you copy from one source it is plagiarism. But if you copy from several sources it is research.

In my blog I usually write what I want to write then go back to the source to clean it up if I remembered it wrong. That way I know it is my own words and then I can make sure my facts are good.

Not to mention, many religious adherents thing nothing of plagiarism. But I went to school for journalism so I tend to understand the concept pretty well.


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