The Rule

8. Religious proselytizing is an automatic ban.

The Reason

There are a number of reasons for this. First, and most important is safty. Many religions have pronounced stiff penalties for apostasy and many religious followers have bent their will toward harming the non-religious as a matter of course. Because we want Atheist Nexus to be a place where people feel safe enough to let their guard down and just relax among like-minded people, we do not allow religious people to create accounts here.

Also, it's just another kind of spam. We don't allow spam here as per rule #9

The Action

Religious proselytizers are banned from the site.

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Reminds me of a coworker who explained why he put a Darwin fish on his car: "To amuse those who are amused by it, and to irritate those who are irritated by it."

My bumper sticker for 2 years read "Born again Pagan, but when I drove back t Tennessee where my mother lives I removed it. She is 91 and I have no need to hurt her feelings.

Atheism It's not just for communists any more!

Religious proselyzing, That's how some religions used to get money. They had women around and called them a "preistess" using them as proselites. They had lots of male followers too.

What about atheistic religions that don't involve magical god man but do involve broad axiological moral doctrines?

like Satanism, Syntheism, Terasem  etc

They're devoid of superstition as I understand it but wacky enough to be threatening.

Apparently the Atheist Experience on Facebook does allow the religious and it's damned annoying. Without evidence they continue to try and make you see their god. Who knows. Maybe that's what keeps the conversations going. Personally I need more proof than a Buybull and a loving god who tortures you forever when you exercise that "free will" he gave you. There's also the fact that Jesus' message was to "the lost sheep of Israel" but good old Paul expanded that idea to include everybody. That makes it all parody to me.

As for Satanism, Spiritualism, Syntheism, Taoism, etc. I will go to sites for that if I have any interest at all. Why would it be allowed on an atheist site? Atheism is not a religion or a belief system.

We have groups for Buddhism and Taoism, you know ... even the spiritual forms.  The site's rules don't ban spiritualistic atheists.

Those sorts just tend to get driven off, because when people talk about the "atheist community", we're talking about skeptical, rational, naturalistic/non-mystical, scientifically-informed and scientifically-educated atheists.  Religious atheists don't fit in with the rest of us.

Religious proselytizing is forbidden.  We don't even specifically ban dogmatic proselytization, though.  If we did, then anarcho-capitalist libertarians would not be allowed to take part in any political discussions.

No thanks, redhands, "Axiology is the philosophical study of value" and they can start their own group. I have no interest in doctrine or dogma, and it appears that axiology delves into both. If someone comes snooping around here, I will block him or her from my line. 

I think he misused that word.  Satanism (the Satanic Temple kind) could possibly have something considered axiology, but it's really just a manifestation of humanist values.  Calling political satanism dogmatic is a bit of a stretch.

I don't see the other two things he mentioned as having any kind of dogma, either.  Although, I don't grasp what Syntheism is all about, based upon my brief reading of the subject.

A lot of your categorization there seems a bit off.  How does the Terasem Movement involve axiological moral doctrines?  I mean, I guess there's a value being placed on longevity and the continuity of the self beyond our organic forms, and maaaaaybe you could call it a moral issue, in the broadest sense of the word.  I guess my broader objection is classifying Terasem as a religion.

So, according to that idea, we should work on ways to transcend our brief mortality, as much as we're able.  Great.  Trans-humanism.  Sign me up.  Why would there be a problem with talking about that sort of stuff on here?

I'm not sure I get Syntheism.  What's the point of it being a thing?  I perused the Wikipedia article, and I'm afraid I couldn't get much of a grasp upon what the originators of the idea were trying to do with it.

Satanism?  Sure, go nuts.  If we're talking about the mystical, religious nonsense of the theistic forms of satanism, then you have issues, because ... well, the problem is in the description:  theistic satanism.

I don't think that's what you mean, though.  If you're talking about the Satanic Temple, then you should go check out the Politics, Economics, and Religion group (  That's what the Satanic Temple is all about, after all.  Great guys; good politic tool to fight first-amendment violations.

Why would Terasem and the Satanic Temple be wacky and threatening?




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