The Rule

9. Do not spam the groups, forums, chat, or other members. Any and all commercial or fraud spam should be reported immediately, using the "report issues" function. The following types of posts may be subject to removal without warning:

1. Web links with no adequate accompanying description or explanation.
2. Embedded media with no adequate accompanying description or explanation.
3. Posts promoting personal websites and projects in inappropriate places. Your own profile is a good place for promoting your endeavors.
4. Repetitious posts.
5. Flooding the forums or groups with several posts in a relatively short period of time.

The Reason

Nobody likes unsolicited advertisements. Since our aim is to create a comfortable environment, we delete them. People who are here to advertise are seldom (if ever) here to be part of a community.

This does not mean that a person cannot promote the things that they do here or even something that they sell, but there are ways to go about it that are less obtrusive than others.

The first place one should consider for promotional efforts is ones own profile. A person's profile is, after all, their "face" here on Atheist Nexus. Of course, it is still possible to go to far. If a person turns their profile into a giant ad for Viagra and starts linking it all over the site, that is a breech of good faith and the account will be removed.

The second place a person should think about posting their own promotional materials is on their own blog or a related group. Your blog is your blog. While it is generally considered bad etiquette to rapidly post several times in a row, your blog is a good place to let people know what it is you are up to. That does not mean that a person has carte blanche to use the blog area as a spam machine. If people use it excessively for promotion, they will be warned.

Groups are not typically moderated by Atheist Nexus moderators, and thus conform to rules set out by the people who run them. If they want to allow you to promote your related works (such as your new atheist book in an atheist book group,) that's fine by us.

The last place one should consider posting promotional efforts is in the forums. For the most part, this is frowned upon unless it's completely relevant to the conversation in a way that enhances the conversation.

For example: In a conversation about ancient philosophers, referencing your own website about ancient philosophers in context or in order to answer another person's question would be a good-faith use of leeway. Just aimlessly dropping your website link into a conversation with little to no predication would not be seen as in good faith.

The Action

There are spammers and then there are SPAMMERS. SPAMMERS, meaning people who are plainly just here to spam and are only here to spam are nuked without mercy. People simply appear to be having some trouble understanding the rules or what we mean when we talk about "good faith" self promotion will be warned first, of course. Offending posts will most likely be removed.

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So I shouldn't post my news anymore? Too bad. I'll miss this site.
Thanks, John D. I've never liked being part of a crowd so I do lots of background checking and research to find angles or info that aren't covered in other media. It's nice to know that it's noticed.
Only if you are posting your news in the forums as a method for promoting your money making endeavors. What you are allowed to post in your own blog, groups or on your profile is another matter entirely.
You're always posting links to your blog about news stories ... in a group dedicated to news stories.  At least that's where I always see them.  Seems totally within the topic of the group to me.
No dude..I like your posts!!!!!
It's never easy with stuff like this. Thankfully, there are a LOT of places to post here and most of them aren't going to get anyone in trouble. Again, only the forums are generally inappropriate for self promotion. Everywhere else has a good degree of leeway.

We mostly leave the management of groups up to their owners, and a lot of conversation happens in groups or in the blogs. No one should feel too caged in by this. Still, sometimes things get gray. If the moderation team feels someone has gone too far, they will come first to talk about it.

Harassing other members is covered by another rule and isn't allowed anywhere, not even on personal blogs.

I see on my Atheist Nexus page an advertisement for jesus t shirts by  Isn't this religious spamming or proselytizing or both?  Shouldn't this vendor be banned?

Heh, if only.
this does little to no good i have bin hit twice bots are going to do it regardless unless there is some sort of bot watch on here .

There is, actually.  It can only catch them after the fact, though.  That's the bad part about allowing members of groups to send e-mails directly to members.  The e-mail goes out instantly, and there's nothing that can be done to retrieve it.


Just do what you should do whenever you get an e-mail even from a friend, who tells you you should go to a site that looks sketchy.  I've had 3 or 4 friends who got their address book hijacked, in the past 5 or 6 months.  When I got the e-mail from them, I just sent back an e-mail asking if they sent it.


If you ever look for the person's profile, after the fact, you'll notice that it's never there.  That's because someone from the Nexus team nukes it the instant it's detected ... but the e-mails are already on their way.

Whenever I see these I use the "REport and Issue" button and send it.  That seems to work pretty well.  In groups that I moderate, I remove the option to mail to all members, because people can use the comment wall just as well.  That seems to help too.  Only the group moderator can do that.  Still, there will be spam.  Eternal vigilance is needed.




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