The Rule

10. While we have quite a bit of freedom, members are first bound by user ToS (Terms of Service) of Ning. If one of our rules seems to contradict a rule of Ning, theirs trumps ours.

The Reason

Ning is our service provider and as a part of their terms and services, they spell out what we can and cannot allow. We must cleave to it if we wish to keep them as our service provider. Else I suppose we must convince them to allow us to not comply in some regard for some reason. I'm not sure we'd ever have cause to do that but I guess you never know.

The Action

Ning has a long list of rules in their ToS, many of which are on our list as well (just in case they disappear of their list for some reason, we put them on our own list.) Corrective action will vary, depending on the infraction. It's a pretty big list.

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