My candidate for the best Science Documentary of 2010. I know it's only January but I don't honestly see this being bested for the scale of it's ideas or the clarity of it's explanations.

It's one of those rare moments I truly feel I've learnt something new and understand more for having spent an hour listening to someone else talk.


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I ended up with the controversial question that often spawns two camps among people who agree on the actual nature of the inquiry itself: if Turing hadn't thought of this - would someone else inevitably done so? Or, more importantly, have we truly missed all opportunity to discover what Turing would have if this ridiculous tragedy had not been foisted on him?
Algorithms . . . make . . . brain . . . ANGRY!!! That's nuckin' futs, man, I still have trouble with Rubik's cubes!
Yeah, the documentary tied my brain into knots too. But it's like a really intense workout; hurts, but ultimately in a good way!
Algorithm - (verb) someone tapping out a tune on a log in the woods.
Algorithm - (verb) someone tapping out a tune on a log in the woods.

I believe you're thinking of a "Logarithm."

Dyslekisits untie!
Richard, these vids have been removed. What were they?
Okay - the discussion has been edited with the fresh links to youtube.
Lawyers probably.
Thanks George - I'll edit the main page of this article with fresh links.  You are a star!



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