A facebook post I thought you might like. A little Matt Dillahunty, a little Sam Harris, a little Dawkins, a little Voltair, a little Hitch and a lot of me...

I will mearly say this: "Faith" is an absolutely horrible way to measure truth or reality. Because faith, by its very definition, is believing something to be real or true for no good reason. (And I'm not talking about the "I think I can, I think I can!" kind of faith or the "I have faith that I can drive to the store and back without getting in a wreck" kind of faith, but the religious, unreasonable kind.) If there was a good reason to think it was true, then faith would not be required. The Muslims, Hindues, Christians, some Buddists... hell, all of the religions, have just as much "faith" in what they believe as any other. All equaly unjustifiable. By this measurment anyone can literaly believe that ANYTHING is true! All you have to do is "believe" it is true AND THAT MAKES IT TRUE! Bullshit. Faith is not... a path to truth. It is what people assert when they cannot back up what they want to believe with reason or evidence. Faith is gullability. Faith is only required if an idea is, by it's very nature, unbelievable. "Needing faith" is refuseing to grow up and actualy face life and reality on its own terms. I am a reasonable person... so if what you say is true is ACTUALY true then you will be able to convince me of it. If something is actualy true then faith is not required. If these belief systems were benighn and only brought comfort and warm fuzzys to my fellow folks then you wouldnt hear peep out of me... but then they obviously aren't are they?. Because, under the tenants of faith, you can literaly believe ANYTHING for no reason... well... just look around and see how well that works. Tell me how this idea is good! Tell me how ANY of the good things done by the faithfull could not be done without the faith... or how alllllllllll the horrors that are brought upon our fellow man in the name of belief could ever be rationaly justified. I love you all as friends and fellow human beings... i would never intentionaly bring harm to you...but see... i CAN hold what you "believe" against you and straight up tell you that it is wrong. Because not only is what you believe rationaly unjustifiable, it is THE number one cause of pain and strife in the world. As long as we allow these silly superstisions, no matter how personaly comforting they may be, to prevail we will continue to fight, kill and die and waste our time having arguments just like this... over NOTHING!

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Well put Robert.

The opposite of skeptical is GULLIBLE.  Get used to it, believers.

Link doesn't work for me, Pat.

That one worked, thanks. "I don't do that because I'm not an idiot." I wouldn't put it quite that way. I prefer to separate the infected host's worth from the value of the memeplex infecting him/her.




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