My girlfriend has a few questions that I myself don't think I can answer properly as I am still very new to the atheism, so I post them for you guys to answer

1.What difference will removing "In GOD We Trust" make to atheist?

2.If you don't believe why try to erode the foundation of those who do? (it is what has structured society to date)

3.When I look at the order of life the earth it could never have happened by chance.

4. Why have the Monkey stopped evolving and man has continued.

5. What if you are wrong? If you cannot prove to me then i prefer to stay with religion.

6. If you don't believe in GOD what do you believe in?

7. Why cant man create life

I know to most of you these may be silly questions that you may hear everyday but if you can help me it will be great.

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She's good! I'm impressed!!!!!
We need to invite her to join A N.
Wow I Love here.....very well said....thanks for this
She's kind of edgy and up in your face in a 16-year-old girl way which is very counterproductive, but how strikingly correct she is makes up for it. Everything she says is basically right except... am I am idiot for still not buying in to global warming? And "religion" and the "religious" are two very different things, as the religious often have no idea what they're doing, hence why they're religious. . .
Wow! She is good.
1.What difference will removing "In GOD We Trust" make to atheist?

Well,personally,this is not a religious country and I'd just as soon dump the g word.

2.If you don't believe why try to erode the foundation of those who do? (it is what has structured society to date)

Because their beliefs encourage discrimination,limit rational thought and encourage childlike magical thinking.

3.When I look at the order of life the earth it could never have happened by chance.

Sure it could,in fact,it did.

4. Why have the Monkey stopped evolving and man has continued.

Monkeys have not stopped evolving. All life forums on this planet are evolving, from bacteria to elephants. Just because you can't see the changes,does not mean that they are not there.

5. What if you are wrong? If you cannot prove to me then i prefer to stay with religion.

So what if we are wrong...YOU could also be just as wrong.
You cannot prove to us there is a god and we can't prove there is not one,but if there was a god directing all humans lives like puppets on strings,this would be a very different world..You could just pray and bingo! it would happen.
Tell you what,ask your god to send me a million dollars and lets see how well that works out.
If you want to stay with religion,we really do not care.
Btw,my mother raised me and my brother as xtains,but the brainwashing didn't take...We are both atheists.

6. If you don't believe in GOD what do you believe in?

Reality,science,most of what you believe in,minus a god.
You are also an atheist to all gods,but one...As Dawkins says,we just add in that one extra god to the non-belief list.
Watch this and you will see two gods YOU are an atheist to,if you dare:
Some of that questions don't have only one answer. Atheism is not a doctrine, it's a personal worldview. Some people will surely disagree with some of my answers, but I'd answer this way:

1. I, personally, don't bother about it (actually, I'm a Brazilian an we have "God be praised" in our bills instead.)

2. Well, you have the right to express your own ideas about religion. There's no reason why religious ideas should be immune from criticism. Just try to be nice.

3. It didn't happen by chance. It happened according to the laws of nature. That's what science is about, it's discovering the order in nature.

4. Monkeys didn't stop evolving. Neither did man. Evolution is a long term never ending process, the monkeys of our days are not necessarily equal to those of millions of years ago. The difference between our evolution and theirs is that they did not have to acquire too much intelligence to adapt to their environment.

5. Well, actually it's not possible to prove a negation. One cannot prove that God does not exist. But it doesn't mean that the hypothesis of its existence is as good as the hypothesis of its non-existence. The theory of evolution shows us how complexity emerges from simplicity; believing in God is claiming that complexity emerged from even higher complexity. If your girlfriend knows that the order of life in Earth could not have happened by chance, how can she admit a perfect and infitely complex God to have happened?

6. That's a personal question. Only you can say in what you believe. I, myself, believe in humanity, I believe in science, I believe in happiness, I believe in love, I believe in a lot of things. I just don't base my beliefs upon faith, I'd rather try reason.

7. The fact that man have not created life yet doesn't mean we won't ever be able to do it.
Let me take a whack...

1. Aside from being left out (marginalized, discriminated against, belittled, etc.), Atheists won't feel they are being made to lie about something they do not believe. Would someone actually be justified in forcing someones pledge against their will for a theological concept? "Under god" was added in 1954. A minority of people inserted it without a vote of the people with the idea to sort out the "Reds" of the time. Ironic Red represents something else now. I feel they are both similarly oppressive regimes.

2. The foundation religion offers is a community continuity which, by its nature, stifles creativity. Limits (only god knows, therefor...) placed by religion squelches looking beyond dogma. Punishment and shunning is the typical response for those who think outside the pew. I could go on about how things used to be and still are in other cultures that hold religion over secular government. Also, I was in scouts as a youth. The condition of membership was to pledge to a god as well. Since I cannot be allowed into this club, should I also allow myself to be forced to use Atheist Only bathrooms, restaurants, drinking fountains, etc.? This is the slippery slope of benign bigotry. No, I will not try to be nice if this is the outcome.

3. What evidence have you that it isn't by chance? This worn observation is hand waving claims of uninformed objection without critical thinking. This is an 'argument from personal incredulity'.

4. They haven't and neither have we. This is a mistated major premise and 'arguing from ignorance'.

5. What if I am right? The majority of current scientific evidence falls in my favor. What evidence have you?

6. What has believing in an imagined deity have to do with anything? This is a leading question. This is a straw-man question since it lacks specificity. Just a jab at what I feel the question is could be, personally, and I only speak for myself, I have my doubts and my uncertainties which are tempered with curiosity and persistence. My hope is in my learning and my belief is in myself. I don't pass my failings to someone else and ask for forgiveness, I'm the one that has to deal with my own reflection in the mirror every morning.

7. Who says we can't? The first steps in creating life have been taken. Please read:

There are other arguments but in my experience, turning one from their religion is futile. They quite often need to see the light for themselves.
1. In GOD We Trust violates the U.S consituton and promotes religion

2. because alot of people that believe have some very backwards and sometimes dangerous idea - example geroge w bush and the evangelicals

3. not chance it was evolution via natural slection - life in the way would have to balance because life that doesnt dies off and only what life balances with the rest of nature survies

4. monkeys are still evolving humans and monkeys shared a simular ancestor then we spilt of into two diffrent species and took to diffrent evolutionary paths.

5. ask her what if she wrong and ask her for proof outside the bible but if you are wrong just read your bible and the laws in it you will burn ethier way - see Isaiah 45:7
quote - I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things
(one of hundreds of examples of god not being good)

6. believe in science and reality - and for morality i guess you read up on humanism

7. man can recreate life right now and we already getting close to creating it we are learning more about it every day and it will be only a matter of time

go to and just see how evil "god" is and show your girlfriend and just what an evil fuck the bibical god is.
I'll take a stab at it.

1.What difference will removing "In GOD We Trust" make to atheist?

Violates church/state separation, therefore removing it would be in line with what the bill of rights sets out. While removing those words will not have a tangible immediate effect on me (aside from a small feeling of victory) it should, over time create a different climate in which it's not taken for granted that it's okay to mingle religion/spiritual belief in our gov't institutions. Or at least that's what I hope the effect would be.

2.If you don't believe why try to erode the foundation of those who do? (it is what has structured society to date).

I'm having trouble answering this for you. I guess it's because I don't see how atheists ARE actually trying to erode the foundation of those that believe. My stance is that those that believe have been attempting to marginalize atheists, now why would they do that if they are so comfortable and certain in their beliefs? I disagree that religion has structured society to date. Man has structured society to meet it's needs, often influenced by the particular religion of the time but from my perspective as an atheist it's been man. Ask her to tell you how societies pre-Christianity structured themselves.

3.When I look at the order of life the earth it could never have happened by chance.

That's an opinion not based on the facts we now know. I don't understand how it could have happened naturally therefore there must have been a designer. Science does not yet answer all of our questions but that doesn't mean we have to default to "god did it". It's okay to simply not know the answer for now.

4. Why have the Monkey stopped evolving and man has continued.

The belief that evolution has stopped is a common one because it is not easy for us lay people to actually see changes. That's not how evolution works, we don't see the changes because we have extremely short life spans and natural selection happens over many years. We can see changes in life forms that have minuscule life spans in comparison to ours. Ask her why bacteria are becoming resistant to many antibiotics?

5. What if you are wrong? If you cannot prove to me then i prefer to stay with religion.

That's a fear based response. She is essentially saying that I'm afraid if "they" are correct then god will punish me for eternity. IMO you really can't answer this for her. When a person is comfortable in not not believing the fear response for believing usually disappears.

6. If you don't believe in GOD what do you believe in?

I believe in compassion, empathy, love, the beauty of the natural world. That people can be good if they are raised in an environment of mutual respect. I believe that the scientific method works to uncover truths much better than any book that was written 2K years ago. I believe that the human mind is capable of incredible beauty and kindness but also incredible cruelty and destruction.

7. Why cant man create life

First the term "life" needs to be defined. Second, this question is irrelevant to the question of whether god exists. She might as well be asking "why can't fish create life". The questions appears to be bordering on the idea that atheists essentially "worship" mankind therefore man should be able to do anything that God can do.
Others have done a passable job of addressing your girlfriend's other questions, so I'll address #3 and #4.

#3 -- Your girlfriend misstates the principles of natural selection when she confuses it with "chance." Natural selection states that changes in genetic makeup that improve an organism's ability to thrive and reproduce are more likely to be passed on to future generations.

The changes in genetic makeup through mutation are not random (chance). As genes divide and recombine in the reproductive process, there is a statistic probability that they will recombine with an "error." The vast majority of genetic errors (mutations) have no impact or a negative impact on thriving or reproductive success. These errors die off. That handful of mutations that enable an organism to outcompete and outreproduce its contemporaries are the engine that drive evolution.

Like anything statistical in nature, this is a large scale operation that requires millions of years. Then again, the earth is billions of years old.

#4 -- Who says monkeys have stopped evolving? Simply because they haven't achieved human-like intelligence doesn't mean that they haven't continued to evolve and adapt to their environments.
Great answer on #3 so I'll just provide an example. I learned when pregnant with my son that I'm a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic mutation which passed from one of my parents. CF is a terrible disease that usually results in death by mid-20s. Fortunately, my ex is not a carrier, so my son has a 25% chance of being a carrier, but doesn't have the disease himself. Why would such a harmful genetic mutation have passed on through natural selection? Because the same mutation in the carrier form (what I have) makes the person resistant to Cholera. So one of my recent ancestors survived a cholera outbreak due to this mutation when many others were dying off who didn't have it, therefore the mutation was beneficial to species survival and passed on. Kind of nice to know that, and if there's ever a cholera outbreak here in Florida, my son and I will probably be safe :)
1) As others have pointed out, it alienates atheists and it is a violation of the seperation of church and state. "In God We Trust" wasn't added to US coins until the Civil War and wasn't added to paper currency until the 1950s. "Under God" wasn't added to the pledge until the '50s either. Also, turn the question around, what difference does having "In God We Trust" on the currency make to a Christian? Does it somehow make the money holy? When you buy something, do you say "In Jesus' name, I buy these Reese's Cups."? What possible benefit does it serve to have the slogan on the currency?

2) I fully support the right of people to believe whatever religious belief they want. However, many Christians misunderstand atheists or want to suppress our opinion. I just want Christians to be tolerant and respectful of my viewpoint. Take the issue of prayer in schools. Christians can pray in schools right now. If little Johnny wants to pray quietly before he starts his test or before he eats his lunch, he is perfectly within his rights to do that. However, those pushing for prayers in school want the schools to lead the whole class in prayer. Why do they wish to force their beliefs onto others?

3) It is a gross oversimplification to say "everything just happened by chance". There are some good videos on Youtube that describe how the stars and planets were formed and explain how it isn't all by random chance. Potholer54's "Made Easy" series is particularly good. I would start there.

Here's another excellent video explaining how complex life can evolve through simple steps and how the probability of it occurring is higher than it might seem on the surface:

4) As others have pointed out, monkeys have not stopped evolving and neither have humans. By the way, we are not descended from monkeys, but rather, we share a common ancestor with them. They are sort of the genetic cousins to humans.

5) What if I'm wrong? If the Christian God is correct and is like what the majority of Christians imagine, then I'd go to Hell. However, what if you are wrong? What if Allah, Vishnu, Zeus, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the correct diety? What if there is a deity that we haven't even conceived of? Personally, I don't see any convincing evidence that there is a deity and I see even less reason to believe in the Christian God, due to contradictions in the Bible, the differences in beliefs among various Christian sects, the fact that the "prophecies" in the Bible are often vague and/or self-fulfilling, the fact that other religions (Islam, for instance) make many of the same claims regarding those prophecies, etc. If you want to believe, I have no problem with that. I'm not trying to convert people, I just want them to be tolerant and respectful. You can be critical of my beliefs, but don't tell me I'm going to Hell or try to impose your beliefs into my life.

6) I believe morality comes from society and from our personal experiences, not from a deity. The idea of "the golden rule" is an intuitive idea. If you don't want to be killed or have your stuff stolen, don't kill or steal stuff yourself. Many morals are relative. For instance, it is wrong in some cultures to eat pork, but okay in Christianity. It is wrong for Hindus to eat cows. It is okay in some Arab nations to have multiple wives, but wrong in other cultures. It is wrong in some religions to drink liquor, but perfectly acceptable in others.

I believe in treating people based on their own personality and not by their religious, racial, or cultural stereotype. I believe in peace and love. I believe in humanity. I believe in rationality. I believe in learning. I believe in freewill (even though I'm uncertain whether it really exists). I believe that we only get one life and that we should try to make the most of it and find true happiness. I don't think there is an overall meaning to life that is the same for everybody. I think life has whatever meaning you choose to assign to it. I believe things are only as important as you want them to be.

7) Well, we have cloned a sheep and several others animals. I should also point out that just because we don't yet know something doesn't mean we will never know it. There are a lot of things that we don't yet know. We may still find out. When the New Testament was written about 2000 years ago, we didn't know the Earth revolved around the sun, didn't know about germs, and didn't know about DNA. Given another 2000 years, who knows what me might learn.


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