Swordfish is the best fish I've ever had!   Nothing like opening a discussion in the middle, but now I have your attention, lets talk fish.

I'm far from being an expert on fish, what with limited funds and being a penny-pincher, but I do love the taste of fish and most seafood, so I'll be so bold as to start the discussion.

My dad loved to fish and usually took us kids with him.  Most of the fish we caught were trout, so I love fresh trout, covered with flour or cornmeal, and fried in butter.  Mmmmmmm, got to get me some right away!

My mom's siblings lived by an irrigation stream that was filled with catfish, so fresh catfish also makes my taste-buds wake-up & say howdy!  Besides tasting as good as trout, with catfish, you don't have to be near as careful to prevent bones getting stuck in your throat.

Now, back to the swordfish.  In 1966, I took the Queen Mary ocean liner from England to New York City.  I tried a different seafood platter at every meal, for the 5 day trip.  The fish must have been fresh and must have been prepared by a good chef, because they were all delicious.

Despite being delicious, my poor memory can't remember what any of them were except the swordfish.  Wow!  It was head & shoulders above the rest in the taste department.

Since then, I've never seen it in the few restaurants I've been to, and never seen it in a store, except once. I took it home, cooked it, and my taste-buds were highly disappointed.  I think not knowing how to cook it right was a factor, but I suspect the largest factor was the lack of freshness.  One thing I know about fish.  When they stop moving, their flavor degrades rapidly.

OK then, lets hear your fishy stories:

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The absolute best shrimp dish I ever ate was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Massive, jumbo shrimp, stuffed with ham, wrapped in bacon, and sauteed in butter/garlic.  It was fifteen years ago and I still fondly remember that meal. 

No problem Mindy.  It's interesting to hear about different tastes or lack thereof.  

I like that recipe for tuna salad and will try it.

I used to like tarter sauce on my seafood, but it doesn't impress me now.  I find it strange how my tastes have changed.

Our recipe for tuna salad isn't much different from yours, except that we zing it up a bit with mustard (either Grey Poupon or some form of honey mustard), and we use Spin Blend rather than Miracle Whip.  Very nummy on tuna-melts, too!

What's unhealthy about fried codfish with tartar sauce? My Dad used to make the best codfish cakes I've ever had...codfish, mashed potato, a couple of eggs, salt & pepper....make it into meatball-shaped patties and fry in about 1/2 inch of Crisco, or whatever you like to use.  YUM!  I don't remember using any kind of sauce on them.

PLEASE don't believe the lies the Fat Police have been telling us for the last 100 years!  Sloppy research and faked results have made people afraid of everything these days.

Get a (used) copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes, and study it.  Don't just race through it.  It's very detailed and technical, but worth the effort.  Our bodies are very complex machines, and fatty food does NOT go directly from the stomach to the arteries.

I am diabetic, sort of, and I eat bacon, butter, sauteed veg (in butter with a little oil to keep it from burning) with whatever meat I can afford.  I've also switched from white (refined) food (I love whole grain bread, brown rice, barley!), except for an occasional baked potato with sour cream and crumbled bacon.  I have lost about 40 pounds in the past 2 years, my blood sugar is within whatever the CDC considers "normal" this week, my cholesterol numbers have slowly been coming down, and I'm NOT hungry. I don't crave anything anymore...except an occasional ice cream cone every couple of months.

Every body is different, but the correlation between fast food and obesity or diabetes isn't the fat in the cheeseburgers, it's the refined flour in the bun, and the High Fructose Corn Syrup in the soft drinks people buy to go with the burgers.  (Or the fish sandwiches...most of them are cod.)

Enjoy your codfish and tartar sauce, and stop feeling guilty about it!

I have spoken!

Thus spake Felaine.

I agree.  I believe an important rule of thumb is:  "everything in moderation." 

You can eat the "bad" stuff.  Enjoy it.  But too much of anything is not good for you, even the "good" stuff.  You're correct, our bodies are complex machines.  We have many natural processes in our body that regulate everything.  Too much of anything in either direction, good or bad, offsets that natural system. 

Of course, certain tweaks should be made regarding diet if you have certain needs caused by diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc, but as I already said, eat everything, just in moderation.  

I've been on blood pressure meds for 20 years now, but I also have cut wayyyy down on salt...although I never salted my food, unless a recipe called for a small amount to activate other ingredients (baking soda or baking powder)...even before my BP got too high.  The "in" thing now seems to be caramel or chocolate candy (or brownies) sprinkled with sea salt. 

Doesn't do Jack Schidt for me.

Sounds about right to me Felaine.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago. My diet instructions limited me only from carbohydrates, not fats. I could eat the hamburger, dripping in grease, but was instructed to forego the bun. Bacon, ham and all kinds of meats from the butcher except organ meats were allowed. Carrots, peas, potatoes, wheat, corn, were restricted, and sugars, corn syrups, maple syrups were restricted. I have been able to keep my blood sugar between 70 - 100 (that is the desired range). Dairy products were limited only to the amount of sugar in the product; I didn't have to restrict the fats. 

I use agave nectar in my coffee. Can't abide artificial sweeteners, they leave a metallic taste in my mouth. I grew stevia one year and didn't like it, or the packaged varieties. 

When I don't feel good, I test my blood sugar count and it is usually high. I eat a crisper full of lettuce and celery and I feel good again.


I'll just link to a fish story I liked....

Mindy, if your's have a "zero" that's a sign there's no god.

It's a miracle!

More christian comedy; goddidit. 




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