Evolution happens slowly with human beings, especially since each human generation is about 20 years.

But technological change and social change happens much, much faster. 

So our psychological and physical makeup is ill-suited to the environment we have made for ourselves. 


- Modern food supply results in a diet that is very different from what hunter-gatherers generally ate, which is part of the reason for the obesity epidemic.  Also the modern diet results in a different microbial ecosystem in the gut vs. hunter-gatherer diets, which has many health consequences that researchers are unraveling. 

- Common use of antibiotics also may be part of the reason for the high rate of allergies and autoimmune diseases in developed countries. 

- People are psychologically not well adapted to city living, where they have to interact with a lot of people they don't know. 

- We have a deep affinity for natural environments, yet many of us have to live in artificial environments.

- Video is seductive, that is part of internet addiction.

Other ways you can think of?

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perhaps lack of science education that which would help solve or understand the how of the problems?

I personally believe that what is stunting everything in our society is our diet. Not only does our food directly affect our heath but, the way we get our food is directly affecting our environment. Monoculture farming, pesticides, and genetic enhancements are eventually going to change us. Look at how quickly children are maturing compared to just 20 years ago.
Look at how farming practices destroy the land and contaminate the soil. It seems that every time a storm goes through the heartland of the US a new levee breaks and floods out whole towns. Other countries have lahare seasons, where torrential rains in the highlands wash away the farms and drag the soil downhill creating massive mudslides.

The pesticides we spray over farms are primarily derived from oil. And, on top of that, they were originally created as chemical warfare agents during WWI. Almost all the current sprayed pesticides are derivatives of DDT.

Finally genetic enhancements, where a seed is altered to bear more fruit, bigger fruit, and fruit that will stay fresh longer. Unfortunately, chemists and biologists didn't stop there. They also wanted to make seeds resistant to bugs so they coat the seeds in pesticides. This process puts chemical elements into the genes of the plants and can pass these genes on by propagation.

I think there is a documentary showing what these pesticides are doing to bee populations. Regardless, these things are speeding up natural progression on the Earth and in our bodies. We may evolve but, then again we may be wiped out by our own overpopulation and greed.


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