Here goes...A human, a human and a human walk into the bar...

Get it?

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One of each?

Gee ... political correctness taken to its logical conclusion.  :-P~~~~~~~~~~~~

Actually (by way of introduction) I would like to point out that as far as 'politically correctness' goes, the idea that there is actually no such thing as a "Race" would go against everything that the government preaches. There isn't any clearer sign of who the "Enemy" is than skin color and overt displays of a cultural difference.  However, I believe more in the sociobiological and zoological ideas concerning races (actually 'species' is a much more scientifically apt term.) and given the conclusions of those esteemed sciences there is only one race of beings known as Homo sapiens sapiens. Here's how they figure it. If a Philipino man and a Native American woman mate and the children of that union are also able to mate with another ( lets say, a Norwegian man) and have children that can also mate with etc., etc; this automatically means that the two are of the same species. And to be absolutely clear on this there is NO OTHER TEST (besides genetics) of a species than this. When you can point out a "Hybrid" human being, the race line has some pull. All that we see that we determine as being of a race has occurred because of (sorry, but it is true)geographical isolation of small populations, inbreeding, and the fact that we are most attracted to people who look similar to us. I wonder how people would feel if when filling out their insurance forms they had to check a box under a column labeled "Breed". Because that is what we mean when we talk about race.

Me? Euro-mutt.

Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt walk in to a bar... Richard walks out.

...oh, not racers? hmmm...

In Daytona Beach during Race Week, I take my girlfriend to a bar and leave without her, perhaps with a broken nose.

I found the pole position races the most exciting.




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