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I love this site - they also sell dvd's with the whole website on them that make great gifts. It might just be wishful thinking, but I'd be willing to bet that at least a few Xtians would start to think critically about their religion when confronted with the whole world of religion/spiritualism/alchemy, etc.

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'Tis a great site is that. Covers much ground.
I'm glad you mentioned this site because I discovered something interesting. There is mention of a book titled "Jesus An Essene" written by Edward Planta Nesbit in 1895.


The blurb reads:
Edward Planta Nesbit (d. 1900) was a schoolmaster, author and land agent in Angaston, South Australia, during the 19th century. Aside from a thin book of poetry, this was the only book of his which ever saw print. This is a scan of the first edition. There was apparently a second edition in 1899, published in Manchester. This was supposed to be a first in a series titled Christ, Christians and Christianity, as evidenced by a list of proposed 'Succeeding Books' (none of which were ever published). Hence my decision to title this 'Jesus An Essene' rather than cite that as a sub-title, as some library entries have it.


The thing that piqued my interest? Angaston is my hometown! And I'd never ever heard of Edward Nesbit...now I'm off to do some more research.




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