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I am assuming there may be some high IQs (I am a former member of MinD, or MENSA in Germany) in the Nexus? What have been the challenges you have faced in the world due to this? Has your IQ sometimes been a heavy burden to bear?


Any thoughts on this? Experiences to share?

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It gets tough when the mensa fundamentalists with brains the size of a planet get upset when you laugh at them.
I remember a single frame cartoon with a janitor pointing and laughing at a new graduate in a cap and gown looking for the bathroom. The janitor says: You got a degree in philosophy too!

Congrats on the doctorate Professor Grogan!
I knew someone in Mensa. His girlfriend said that Mensa was for suckers, because they trick people into thinking they're geniuses, and get people to fork over money for their own self-flattery. I looked through their magazine. I'm not a genius, and I didn't find it above my intelligence level.
Well, most organizations do that, if you get right down to it.
There is a great episode of King of the Hill about this very thing.  Peggy is led to believe she is a genius.....It's pretty funny....I found a clip :)  Funny stuff!!
I was never that bright but I was invited to join Densa.
The only issue I have is that when I want to get to sleep, my mind refuses to stop contemplating possible inventions / physics applications.

Of course, by that point I'm too tired to think clearly about them... but that doesn't stop my mind from trying.

This is more of an active mind problem than an IQ problem.

That, and back when I was in school, people knowing you had a high IQ tended to cause them to continuously mentally challenge you. It became relentless at times.

Idiots sometimes mistake a high IQ with meaning you're supposed to have all the answers.
I have a heightened ability to deduce and create, I'm not a damned psychic. If I haven't studied it, I don't have the answers on it, lol.
The danger down that path is avoiding the temptation to suggest something potentially lethal to the more obnoxious. ;-)
Or accidentally spreading falsehoods. We have enough trouble with the intentional spreading of falsehoods, thanks.
I have the same type of sleeping issue. My brain will sometimes get locked into a flow of thought word construct loop that won't let me sleep. The study of IQ and genius is getting very interesting. Researchers are recognizing the different types of genius. My intelligence is primarily verbal. My sisters tell me I could read when I was two. I read the Iliad and the Odessey before 1st grade and understood and enjoyed it. I read the Brothers Kamarov in the 4th grade and understood and hated it. The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy also in the 4th grade and got hooked on SciFi and Fantasy.

One of the strangest examples I ever get of my IQ is the occasional short period when I can do lightning calculation. My Sr. year in high school I was in an advanced Algerbra class that was selected to take the state high school accreditaion test. It was severa pages of long division, multiplication, fractions and some algebra. I looked at the first question and wrote the answer down. I did it long hand and it was correct. I went through the test in five minutes and wrote the answers down. The teacher said she was dissapointed that I didn't at least try. She was flabbergasted when the results came back and I had made the best grade in the state, only missing one where I transposed two numbers.

My problem is also that my mind never stops to let me sleep.


My IQ is high enough to set me apart from the rest but I'm nowhere near what I would consider to be a genius (I'm a bit too inductive).

hi james - being highly intelligent does set one apart - but i'd rather be 'apart'.  i am glad to hear you say you're not a genius - that word is thrown around so much it has lost it's meaning.  true geniuses are extremely unique - of course, Da Vinci was, but was Marie Curie? she was incredibly intelligent and worked very hard.  what actually makes a genius as opposed to a very intelligent or very creative (picasso) person?  how do you figure that? maybe it just pops out - sh/he is a genius - that's all there is to it (?).




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