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I am assuming there may be some high IQs (I am a former member of MinD, or MENSA in Germany) in the Nexus? What have been the challenges you have faced in the world due to this? Has your IQ sometimes been a heavy burden to bear?


Any thoughts on this? Experiences to share?

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* It gets lonely if you can't find like-minded people to share with.
* You can accidently threaten people.
* People can resent the fact that you have an Edumacation, especially in small country towns.
* It is impossible to know everything so you can still be extremely stupid in lots of areas and situations.
Exactly, I love that my girlfriend has a completely different skill set than I do. I'm scattered; she's organized. I'm cognitive; she's emotional. I am slow to judgement; she is impulsive. I can't remember anything; she remembers everything ;-)

I would hate to have a world filled with philosophical dreamers like me. Hardly anything would get done!

That said, it is lonely when your particular cognitive skills are represented by the minority.
I'm going to treat this post as serious, even though to me it comes across to me as quite comic. I want to comment on the following:

"If the average IQ is roughly 100, 50% of those you encounter are substantially less capable of interacting ‘intelligently’ with others in any optimal, actualised capacity."

This displays a (rather ironic) fundamental misunderstanding of how IQ is measured. IQ is not a fixed measure whereby 100 represents a fixed "average human intelligence". Rather, IQ measurements are (and have been over history) repeatedly re-standardized so that proportionally half the population who take the test score more than 100 and half score less. In other words, those taking the test today would not get the same score they would have gotten taking the test 50 years ago (they would almost certainly score far higher on the old measures).

This, and the artificial and limited nature of the test and the sort of activities it presents, means that one cannot make any firm conclusions whatsoever regarding the capability of an individual to "interact ‘intelligently’ with others in any optimal, actualised capacity" from the result of an IQ test. In short, IQ is, in my judgment, an invalid, limiting and (in many ways) dehumanizing measure that has little value and should be eliminated.
Passing Mensa Late in Life- comming up from the bottom of the gene pool.

I am either really lucky or something? I started out life in Special Education presenting dumb as a sack of rocks but while I was there I was learning a different kind of human thought process that has never been in a text book before AKA autism. Yes Autism that dirty word of today is nothing more than a different kind human thought process that is both MR/DD and Einstein. Autism is nothing more than the sublevel thoughts that when learned make normal thoughts like you use work. Humans think in Shortcuts all the time just don't know it. If they did the dissapointment in the idea our brains are superior would need to be rethought. The human mind is so primative and backward we are not really more advanced than the cave person. (despite apperances).

Many people from our Old living autism anthropology that missed the curse of rain man now pass the Mensa test later in life and people wonder where we were in grade school? Then we answer Special Education,,,, That makes for an intersting experience I can tell you. Modern autism knows of us and jumps threw hoops to keep us hidden as we can't be explained with modern autism theory. Then we don't do life in a group home and we dirve and kind of do a normal life it really does make contemporay autism look bad.

Sadly man (in general) is just smart enough to be dangerous and has just enough knowlege to hang himself. Someday if our Autism Mind is ever exposed and the builiding blocks of the mind we figured out are understood Man will be shocked to discover the internal working of his mind are based in his daydream thoughts and they play below the surface of the mind all the time. (unless your stuck and forced to say I can picutre him but can't place the name) When We develop those picutre thoughts We become Einstein. Rain Man The Savant was just reading his picutre thoughts. ALL humans have the Einstein Ability in them it is just never tapped.

Our Autism Hero Alan Turing 1912-1954 Who was gay Autisitc and father of the computer and WWII hero just simply (perhaps unknowingly) copied the human mind when he fathered the computer. He made a mechanical version of human thoughts and even today, if you have a messed up computer or program you know the results are not pretty. The human mind is often as messed up and even further hampered by the lightening rods that often over control it called -known as- emotions.

If all of this were in a text book it would be the next 1000 chapters in Psychology .Indeed it would fit perfectly in the Darwin scheme of things.

Rich Shull for more see my Blog Pre Rain Man Autism Thanks rich
Hi rich - FYI there's a group here for us Autistic Atheists.
OK, here is my problem with this post.

It's always been difficult for people who think differently to correctly convey ideas to one another. A person's intelligence level is perhaps the major factor in how we communicate.

To me, it seems as though this "highly intellectual post" is akin to posting "If There Are No Clouds The Sky Is Clear". People might want to talk about how pretty their own sky is above their house, in the same way people are throwing around their IQs and education. They either want to convince the world that their sky is pretty (or that they are intelligent) or that there are others out there, with pretty skys (or high IQs). The ladder of which is so wildly obvious that I have trouble thinking either poster could be a deep or original thinker.

It also seems that everyone on here recognizes that IQ tests are not a definitive measure of intelligence, rightfully so. If your having trouble communicating with people, and your basing that on your score on a (at best) mediocre measure of intelligence, what does that say? I feel it shows that your deductive reasoning is (at best) flawed. Again, to me this train of thought is indicative of a person with lower intelligence.

Now... To assume people call you arrogant because your intelligent, is well... Arrogant. When people call me arrogant it is because I am being an arrogant prick, not because they are ashamed to bask in the aura of profound thought that radiates from my dome-piece. Just sayin'.

As for avoiding the world around you because they are of an inferior intelligence level. That is borderline sick. Especially since everyone has agreed that intelligences very from type to type, person to person. To assume that your type of intelligence is so superior that you need to shield your family from the rest of the world is well... I just had a thought, Are you a Dalek?!
Unfortunately, it's not an assumption - with her own two ears, my wife has heard that very word (arrogant) levelled in my direction (among many others that may be impolite to post here).

When I enter into a social situation, and I encounter people who are discussing interesting things, I become very happy to join the talk, and the discourse proceeds well throughout the duration of the occasion. Then, the inevitable furtive "he is arrogant" baloney.............

That's it. There is nothing else to this story. Period.

Believe what you like, but this is the way it happens.

I do not avoid the world because of their inferior intelligence, but because of their treatment of me - treatment that arises directly as a result of their becoming aware of my intelligence.

For some reason, this sort of thing seems to freak people out, and it apparently is having a similar effect with some here.

Because many people are in possession of a particular opinion, does that make it so?

My, my..........so much for "freethinkers". Unless, of course, "freethinkers" actually means, "Think like us, and you will be accepted, and we will say you are smart"?

There are more than a few here, whose particular brand of rationality resembles that of religious fundamentalists, more than they may care to acknowledge. This is becoming more and more noticeable as this thread continues.

Know this, folks: I came to the Nexus seeking people with whom I could communicate in a harmonious way, free of judgement and criticism. In other words - people with whom I could make friends. What is the majority of that which am I finding? Flippant and dismissive people who refer to me (however obliquely) as "sick", "misanthropic", "arrogant", and so on.

That is not to say that all people here are of this ilk. I have also observed some small doses of profundity. But, such has been the overwhelming exception.

And my quest continues...............
For the expression of this sort of observation to be treated as taboo? Well, so much for freethinking.
Douglas, it's certainly true that high intellect on its own can intimidate some people. But there are examples of extremely intelligent people with a knack for putting everybody at ease and relating well with people of all intellectual levels. I've had some college professors who were scary smart but very approachable. Others came across as scary smart yet condescending. It may not be your intelligence that is putting people off.

The problem is that most people have serious blind spots when evaluating their own behavior. It's very difficult for you (or us) to know how you are coming across. And it's not like your wife is going to be impartial. So sure, what you describe could be insecurity or intimidation or sour grapes on the part of those who called you arrogant. Or it could be that you're a little tone deaf, or a combination of the two. There are worse things. Whatever it is, I don't doubt that you can find conversation partners who are happy to converse with you. And maybe that's what MENSA is for, after all--providing a forum for people which removes the possibility of this kind of indimidation by restricting the IQs to a higher range. At least then if people said you were arrogant, you'd know it wasn't because they felt inferior.
Are you suggesting my wife is a liar?

This must be some new type of "social tact" of which I am unaware.

Why is it, that some here are having such difficulty taking my words at face value, and prefer to grasp at straws, or even cast aspersions?

There is a pervasive tendency here, to proceed on the assumption that a person is mistaken in some way, or perhaps suffering from some type of social disorder. It seems that (for some here at least) this has been far easier to treat as a viable possibility, rather than entertain the fact that both my wife and I have told the truth.
Nerd - =)




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