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I am assuming there may be some high IQs (I am a former member of MinD, or MENSA in Germany) in the Nexus? What have been the challenges you have faced in the world due to this? Has your IQ sometimes been a heavy burden to bear?


Any thoughts on this? Experiences to share?

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mensa tests should be like picking your nose.

Isn't that one of the Mensa tests?
i like the world thinking that this individual test makes me smart. i mean because of IQ tests i got to attend things that others didnt that were amazing. CTYI for example. i think that in general gifts of any sort can be both assets and burdens at the same time.

being smart allows you to do well in the world but it also means your perpetually bored in school, it means a lot of frustration because other people cant make the links you can and need to take smaller logical steps and it can mean that people that are not as smart will resent the ease at which you understand things. there are much worse things in the world though. i dont mind being above average. i hate to think that im arrogent abut it though, primarly because i know others are better but also because i hate arrogent people. IQ at the end of the day is a number. i think im smart because of the other things iv done not that
This is one of the whiniest threads I have come across on any discussion board in a long time. Waaah! People don’t like me/think I’m arrogant because I’m smart. Sounds like an obvious non sequitor to me.

I too could lay out a whole whiny story about being picked on/feeling left out and then blame it on everyone else. Instead I’m going to laugh at those of you taking your number on a test way too seriously and go find more interesting things to talk about.
Instead I’m going to laugh at those of you taking your number on a test way too seriously and go find more interesting things to talk about.

Perhaps we could discuss the incredible burden it is to have more interesting things to talk about?

;-) Well said Becca.
I think Douglas has a point, MENSA's aside. Intelligent people are more aware of the problems in the world than oblivious, uneducated mugwumps, and more likely to feel compelled to take action against them. So they are not as easily lulled into self-satisfaction and complacency. If ignorance is bliss, then intelligence is often an impediment to happiness.
If ignorance is bliss, then intelligence is often an impediment to happiness.

I think I'd say, "If ignorance is bliss, then knowledge is often an impediment to happiness."
Actually, that was the original idea behind MENSA: to bring highly intelligent people together to solve problems. It didn't seem to work out, so it became more of a social club.
First off I just got one very important thing to say. If you are so dense as to use a sentence like "Waaah! People don’t like me/think I’m arrogant because I’m smart" then you should read the introduction to this topic closely. If you do NOT have the intelligence to understand what people who are GENUINELY intelligent go through because of a DRASTIC change in lifestyle while the rest of your world stays the same....you are a moron. Either that or, you are not intelligent enough yourself to experience these things. Either way you don't belong no where near this thread so...the "back button" is at the top left hand corner of the screen.

Moving on.......

I can totally understand why a thread like this came up. People who may be just now going through the experience of "dropping god" could benefit greatly from reading what others have done. What works....what doesn't...etc. So I'll share mine in order to help you from making the same mistakes.

I honestly tried to "smoke" mine down. Seriously. I smoked a QP a day thinking it would dumb me down. I would have given anything to be a mindless idiot, believing in God, and KNOWING I will see my kids again one day. I wanted to accept what I see and not what I know. I wanted to throw off my brain and replace it with a hat rack....sadly I couldn't. I tried drinking myself retarded as well. That just landed me in the E.R. with a stomach pump and charcoal. All the other drugs I tried just put me in another world. Eventually....you come back. I lost my wife over this. I lost friends, family, and just about anything else that mattered.

BUT (silver lining) I'm better now. I have come to the conclusion that if people are that fucking stupid, who needs them? I'm back in school now. Half way to my first degree. I have my kids, because the ex really WAS a fucking idiot. I've been sober from alcohol for a loooooooong time. I just stopped smoking weed about 3 months ago. I still have sad moments in life but, I think these are the burdens we carry. Look at Darwin. He lost HIMSELF. How hard would that be? To totally deny what you KNOW to be right to keep your life from shattering....I know. I tried. It sucks.

The bottom line is we are this way because we can handle it. If we couldn't, we never would have evolved the ability to question. Things suck some times but, I don't have to blame "Satan" for it. I don't have to ask Jeebus why this is happening to me. Instead I can take a logical approach and try to fix the situation. In my opinion that is much better than asking a non-existent being to change it then sit back and wait.
James, what do you mean that Darwin lost himself? Are you referring to his alleged deathbed conversion? I'm pretty sure that's just church propaganda.
Here is the best info I could dig up:


Sounds like a big fat lie. Religicons have circulated the deathbed conversion story about
Carl Segan, Bertrand Russell, Charles Darwin, Voltaire, Thomas Paine, Robert Ingersoll...even allegedly Ghandi converted on his deathbed to Christianity!!
Yeah, it's almost certainly horseshit, like most such claims made by religious people. Wikipedia has a bit about it. Still, I'm not sure if this is what James was referring to.
Ah, well that makes more sense, Don. Darwin certainly did hold back to keep the peace. Hell, he waited ten years to publish for fear of the backlash.




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