Hello Everyone,


I am assuming there may be some high IQs (I am a former member of MinD, or MENSA in Germany) in the Nexus? What have been the challenges you have faced in the world due to this? Has your IQ sometimes been a heavy burden to bear?


Any thoughts on this? Experiences to share?

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Douglas, I thik there may be a communication issue here. I don't think anyone is questioning whether or not anyone called you arrogant. The question is, why did they do so? Was it, as you contend, simply because of your intelligence? Or was it something else, something in the way you presented yourself?

I can't answer those questions. I wasn't there. You were there, but your judgment on this could be clouded. You might ask your wife, "Well, was I being arrogant? Did I come across as arrogant or condescending?" I understand where you're coming from. People don't like to be made to feel stupid or inferior, and it took me a long time to learn to deal with people without making them feel that way, and I still do, often. It's an ongoing process. But it may be that you have a learning opportunity here.
euphoricme, where did you get the cool steampunk salt shakers with blue LEDs?

I've certainly seen the charge of arrogance laid on people who were merely defending fact from pseudoscience. In other words, just because people think you are being arrogant, it doesn't mean you are. Though it should certainly give one pause to reflect on the possiblity.
Lol, the Daleks? They are The Doctor's oldest enemy (Doctor Who).

The new Daleks (season 5) are way more cool with even more-better Blue LEDs. They got an upgrade... They even executed (eek gads!) the older Daleks. Terrible creatures they are.

I swear I'm not a dork... hah
"I swear I'm not a dork... hah"

I think it's a little late for that disclaimer, euphoricme. The cat's outta the bag. I haven't watched much of the new Who. I hated the old one, mostly on account of the low production values. (Why the hell didn't they just push the Daleks over? They'd be helpless, like overturned turtles.) But I've seen a couple of episodes of the new show and quite liked them. Plus, I'm a total sucker for LEDs, so I'll have to watch more.
Well... They aren't exactly cows, lol. They can fly, and if you touch them they can kind of incinerate you on contact.

Not that I would be able to name the episodes where we found that out or anything... :-/

I've never watched the old series. The effects are so woefully poor I can't get into it. Even the newer series has some pretty hokey computer animation from time to time.
And those American Presidents, Governors and Education "experts" who aim to improve their nation, State or school so that there is less than fifty percent of them who have below average intelligence. IMHO they should start their task by taking a course in introductory statistics. :-)
Statistically it can be done. The Evil Genius's recipe:

IQ < 80: send them to the asylum
80 < IQ < 100: send them to the gas chamber
100 < IQ < 105: when you're lacking idiots, lobotomize these so their IQ drops below 80

The goal is to have 90% of the population in a nice half-bell curve, counterbalanced by a peak of idiots far removed from the mean. Success wil get you a bunch of Nobel Prizes (sociology, social engineering, eugenics, peace.)
Do you guys think the dumbing down thing is intentional or just neglectful?
I was talking more about the lack of critical thinking skills in the educational system.
Bullied by the Chess Club as a kid?
Coincidence is freaky. A study has just been released that finds playing puzzle and memory type games, all pretty much the same as mensa type tests, to improve your intelligence actually does...
... make you better at playing these games and tests. And that's it. You're still just a monkey that can juggle.

So if you're a brain dead type that's never had a unique thought in his/her life, but you do enough puzzles, mensa tests should be like picking your nose.


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