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I am assuming there may be some high IQs (I am a former member of MinD, or MENSA in Germany) in the Nexus? What have been the challenges you have faced in the world due to this? Has your IQ sometimes been a heavy burden to bear?


Any thoughts on this? Experiences to share?

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What's interesting is now that I'm in graduate school, I get to sit back and be the quiet one. So many of my peers came with prior experience in very interesting fields so they're far more knowledgeable about the topics.
Agreed. I was the same way in some aspects. Good times.
I can relate to this.

In 5th grade I was considered a behavioral problem because I would finish my math homework before the teacher would finish explaining how to do it. I would turn in my papers while she explained things and sit back down and draw or make paper airplanes.

My teacher was so mad at my behavior that I was almost kicked out of school. After my parents fought with the teacher and principal over this matter I ended up taking an IQ test and skipped a few grades lol.

In college I found out that I have ADD so I'm sure that played into the equation.
Your right Nicolle. Curriculum is, by necessity, targeted to the average, and in many cases dumbed down even more. On top of that there are teachers who are seriously unprepared to teach (for any number of reasons) including a PhD who should not have been within a 100 yards of a school. When I was department chairman I had to use PE and Home Economic teachers to teach biology because some administrator screwed the projections for enrollment.
When I had students (such as you) I , informally, pulled them out of the regular class and worked with them in independent study. It wasn't an easy way to go for the student, it required some heavy brain work, creative thinking and commitment. I loved it when I could get a student teacher as I was able to work with a larger pool of independent students.
One year I had a class of Advanced Biology with 20 students - every one of them was in the exceptional category. For one year it was the most fun I had teaching.
Ya know, this is kind of a touchy subject. I truly believe that teachers are the most underpaid profession out there. You guys really get a raw deal. Sure, you get the summer off, but it isn't really a good trade off. Then , to make matters worse, they will let a lot of morons out there teach. Then they group them in with the teachers that are actually worth something and can make a difference and everyone gets paid the same! GREAT PLAN! Schools just don't always give a shit, to put it bluntly.

The saddest part of it all is that not all students have a teacher like you to challenge them. I simply learned things on my own. You should feel good that you helped so many people. I'm certain that you gave them the tools they needed to not be another drone.

Sometimes the social norm exists only to make us fully appreaciate the exceptions to the rule. Gunn HS sounds like a great place.
There is always that! This actually got me to thinking about sex and how I'm not so sure that there is any such thing as intellectual sex after foreplay. I mean, what turns us on is surely different than the average zombie, but when it is all down to the brass tacks its gutteral hedonistic bliss isn't it? If even for a second.

Also, on a seperate note... your friend sounds charming. I'm glad that you discerned that he was your ex-friend.
My IQ drops automatically when sex is involved
Mine usually drops to a high functioning Wart Hog level and on really good nights I can hit the sea cucumber level.
And here I've been merely shooting for ginuea pig level this whole time. I never knew sea cucomber level was attainable. WEEEEE!!!!
I "qualified" for Mensa based on a graduate entrance exam, it wasn't the standard Graduate Record Exam (GRE); I don't, however, remember the name of the test. I also don't recall sending them an application.
Anywho, as there were two of my colleagues that were members and they were both insufferable asses, one with a serious personality disorder, I declined the invitation to join their club. I really can't picture what their meetings would be like, probably a couple of hours sparring on "my intellect is superior to yours". Besides I was never keen on joining groups and going to meetings.
I agree with your Mom, but I would apply her description
to Most humans - Most of the time!
I'm average, scoring in the low 100s. For those who grasp ideas and concepts quickly and get frustrated with the rest of us, you have my sympathy. It aint no great shakes being on the low end either.



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