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I am assuming there may be some high IQs (I am a former member of MinD, or MENSA in Germany) in the Nexus? What have been the challenges you have faced in the world due to this? Has your IQ sometimes been a heavy burden to bear?


Any thoughts on this? Experiences to share?

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It aint no great shakes being on the low end either.

Well said... Good point!
Yeah - it's tough being incredibly intelligent, handsome, amazing in the sack and just an all-round nice guy... (sigh)
Though it can be a pain being surrounded by all these ugly-ass, nasty thickos. Life is hard.
The peasants can be unpleasant - nasty lot.
"The peasants can be unpleasant - nasty lot. "

Quite right; also revolting.

I admit to avoiding stupid people. However, most people are not stupid,using IQ as a measurement. Most people I meet know a lot of things I do not and can do many things far better than I. Everyone is ignorant it's merely a mater of degree.

When I accuse someone of being stupid,I usually mean "willfully ignorant" which I consider far worse than say an IQ of 80 or less. An example [to me] of offensive willful ignorance is new earth creationism.

At university I was amazed to discover the modest intellect of moist students I met.
I concluded that an average IQ ,focus and motivation were as important as a high intellect at the undergraduate level in many degree courses. [including law and medicine] AND a good memory hides a multitude of stupidities.

I loved being at university as an adult (I began at age 29) I have what I call 'a good second rate mind'. Good enough to say be a professor in English/History/Social Sciences at some minor university.BUT not smart enough to be an original thinker in say Physics at Cambridge or Harvard.
I don't think getting a high IQ on a test is actual proof you are a genius. That being said I have no idea what my IQ is.
I was a MENSAN but most of the people I met didn't share most of my hobbies or were complete asses. I view a high IQ like being physically strong, artistic etc. It's how you use it not what others think of you. Yes, some classes became tedious reviewing materials for those that did not grasp the concepts quickly. But the lesson is there's always someone faster, more talented, stronger. You get my drift. Just because you're the brightest doesn't mean you're the best at all things.
It would seem to me that a low IQ would be a far more brutal burden.
Both ends of the spectrum present problems for the victim. There is, however, more recognition of the problems faced by those of less intellect, and, consequently, more explicit assistance is provided for this group.

The folk wisdom is that those with a high helping of intelligence (as traditionally defined and measured) can help themselves. That is not entirely true, due the nature of the difference between this group and the rest of the population.
IQ definitely does not equate to success. It really just measures a narrow range of cognitive skills and is not a real measure of "intelligence."

That said, IQ does measure something and that "something" provides a statistically sound method for categorizing four levels of mental retardation. I worked in the field of MR for many years, and IQ scores consistently did a good job of pegging levels of mental retardation regardless of age, race or gender. The scores were also consistent with Vineland Adaptive Behavior scores (measures practical skills of daily living).

Most folks don't take much issue with the tests being used in this way. It is when the tests start stepping on the toes of folks in the average and above average ranges, that people kick up a fuss.
Social wealth is a sign of how intelligent you are? I had no idea.




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