Hello Everyone,


I am assuming there may be some high IQs (I am a former member of MinD, or MENSA in Germany) in the Nexus? What have been the challenges you have faced in the world due to this? Has your IQ sometimes been a heavy burden to bear?


Any thoughts on this? Experiences to share?

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I am not Mensa material, but as a person who reads, who thinks, and who analyses things, I find it hard to find anyone to really talk to about important matters.  Yesterday, I asked a friend what he thought about euthanasia.  He looked at me quizzically, and asked, "You mean like in Japan?"
We do have a lot in common, booklover.  Sometimes, when I start a conversation with a friend, he won't let on that he doesn't understand.  I found out this way that some friends think Europe is a country, Paris is a country, and who don't know what the terms conservative, and liberal mean.  I'm retired, and economically never ever got up to middle class.  I did a lot of work for animal groups.  For 7 years, I lived on about $4 an hour, no raises, no vacation.  The people who live around me are not college educated, AND not self-educated.  They have no books in their houses at all.
hi dogly - welcome to our little discussion - people who talk to others and get 'huh?'.

By all means. Unfortunately, I'm at my sister's house for the week and she can't remember her internet password, so I'm using her computer, where I don't have any of my files. She's gonna get ahold of her internet service provider today though, so I'll post some links to some of the latest articles tomorrow.

hi booklover - i am so glad you have found this community - i have similar problems for different reasons.  alexa :]

bklvr - p.s. i can't really say things in this public space, so i've sent you a friend message.  look forward to talking with you. . .
Shhh... no one suspects me.

I was invited to join Mensa, but i declined.




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