A-HOLES - couldn't they have waited for tranquilizers?

I am utterly disgusted...this idiot commits suicide and lets all his wild animals out (since apparently in Ohio you can own all kinds of wild animals) but the police decide to shoot them all dead - from horses, kangaroos and other wild animals. Couldn't they have simply warned everyone to stay inside and wait a couple of hours for wildlife officials to come with tranquilizers?  I feel utterly disgusted


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That's so sad.  it appears several of these animals are on the endangered species list. :o(

As I understand it, in at least one instance, they attempted to use a tranquilizer dart on a tiger.  The dart evoked an angry reaction from the animal, who began to run for cover and away from its pursuers.  The animal was then shot.

I'm pissed about this, too, but far more that the jerk-weed who let the animals go than at the police.  Attempting to control one wild animal is hard enough, but the Zanesville police were confronted with nearly 50 such animals, a very nearly insuperable task for a relatively small, rural community.  Yeah, they could have gotten help, but how long would that have taken and how far would the animals have scattered in that time?

You may not like that, in this case, they prioritized the safety of the local population over that of the animals, but that's the way it came down.

Any way you slice it, though, this is a tragedy.  [Damn, but I love tigers... {sigh}]

The statements that I read from the police was that they immediately resorted to deadly force (I think a couple survived at the end as some wildlife animal official was able to make it at the end when they were nearly all dead).
That's what I heard too. I heard on the news that they didn't have tranquilizers in their cruisers so just shot the animals. This is why animals like this belong in their natural habitat, and not kept in nature preserves.
I agree Sassan!  It was unnecessary.  They could of waited for someone with experience in large animals to tranquilize them.  The animals could have been moved to zoos.  It's terrible.
It may have been possible to rehabilitate some of these animals (the black bears) and return them to the wild.  Black bears are native to this area and specialists in their care live just across the state line in WV.  They are the most placid of bears.
I am sick too. One of the officers was showing pics on his cell phone like he was almost proud of being on a big game hunt. They were in a wooded area, and they could have easily been tracked after traquilized. It just seemed like they were eager to shoot to kill, yee haa. The animals were scared. This is just disgusting.
As an animal lover and a veterinarian for 16 years, I understand that it was necessary to shoot these animals.  I know it sucks, but I would have done the same thing.  Have any of you ever even shot an animal with a tranquilizer gun?  The results are WILDLY unpredictable, especially when that many animals are involved.

That may be true of the large cats, but what about the bears?  I lived around bears for 15 years in WV and almost no one is ever harmed in any way by a black bear across the entire US and Canada.  A simple solution seems to be just to feed the bears.  Of course, all that shooting would frighten them considerably. 


Once I unknowingly walked between a mother black bear and her cub (surely the most dangerous situation with any animal) and she did nothing.  I walked away completely unharmed.  I have walked all over the woods and come across bears on several occasions and never had any problems or even heard a personal story from someone's cousin's cousin's cousin about a black bear attack.  In fact, the only black bear attack I have ever heard is one where a hunter shot the bear.  They are not generally aggressive animals. 


It seems first thing that should have been done here was a call to fish and game for assistance by professionals in wildlife management.  Of course, optimally, their caretaker would have just left them in their enclosures instead of freeing them before he killed himself. 

Many of the animals were probably not aggressive, but if I were called to participate in something like this with my staff (who I am very protective of), "probably" wouldn't be good enough.  Timing and volume also played a huge role in the decision that was made. 


Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus, of the Columbus Zoo was on the scene, and this is what he had to say:




The crazy bastard who let the animals go is the villian here. 

How do they know all the animals they killed were from the preserve and not ordinary wildlife?  Black bears and cougars are native to this area.




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