I'm still a newbie to group, but recently, my husband and I discussed the way we celebrate the holidays, and I thought it would be interesting to hear some other atheists takes on the topic. 
When we first married, neither of us were "religious", but we both believed in god and enjoyed the fun and festive activities that surround the Christmas season. It wasn't until after our 2nd child that we came out of the fog, and realized how crazy all of that is. We have continued to celebrate the holiday, but eliminated the religious parts of it out of our activities. We still listen to Christmas music, and put up the tree and stockings, but have substituted prayer, w/ a nice discussion of what we're thankful for before sitting down to our holiday meal. We are very honest w/ our children about our lack of belief, and try hard to teach them about science and the truth. We feel somewhat strange about celebrating a holiday in honor of something we adamantly disagree w/, but we don't feel right about taking the fun away from our children after they have grown to enjoy and look forward to it so much! It's a predicament that we just don't know how to resolve since we were the ones who introduced it to them in the first place, so who are we to take it away from them?
Anyway, just wondering how you all handle this, and what if any suggestions you may have for us? Thanks for the help, and "happy holidays"! Lol ;o)

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ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY, there are no religious rules there! You've already removed the religion from it so have fun, have Santa if you want or a purple lady bug, whatever you want! Thing is, religion brings guilt to our lives but being atheist frees you to be you so celebrate what you want, when you want, how you want. We have three children and are fairly recently all openly atheist (long story, different forum post if you wanna read it, lol) and we love the winter holidays, the music, baking cookies, exchanging gifts, friends & family etc... (We still love some of the religious christmas songs, see no rules, haha) We told our kids that the story of baby Jesus is a sweet one (like the Easter Bunny and Santa), but that none of them are true. Our kids are 12, 13 and 21(& married) so it's pretty easy for us with that part.
I find myself not liking the word "Christmas" anymore so I usually say winter holiday or something but that's just me.
Also, the original celebration on or around December 25th was the Winter Solstice and the coming of the longer days....and also a Pagan holiday. So actually the Xians hijacked Xmas anyway.
Look forward to getting to know you!




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