So, we are all nontheists. Okay, but I am fascinated by ESP, and I'll tell you why: you can try it out on the internet. Prior to the internet, I would write my predictions down and seal them in an envelope. Once I opened the envelope, I would have to have a reason to open it. I'd forgotten what was in there. I never opened it. I lost it. Now, I just post something, a page or two mentioning all kinds of things that pop into my head, from a fire to a baseball bat to a celebrity's name, and boom! It posts with the date and everything. I can easily go back and say, "Look, two days before this person dies, I put his name in my blog". It is fun!

If you think I'm a troll, no: Jesus saves Green Stamps.

I am searching through books for the usages regarding psychic power. Authors do it since they are courageous. You could be afraid of what people might think, which is that you're crazy. However, if you go ahead, you get a lot of words: prognostication, foretelling, foreseeing, hypnosis, etc., and, there are noncontroversial ways to talk about it. We all like the odd coincidence.

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I hope your life has been good.
I hope it gets better.
Its Ok. Really.
Actually, I find many of SEB's posts vaguely threatening. Of course, it's impossible to be sure, since they're completely incoherent.
Augustine of Hippo was a Berber philosopher and theologian. He concluded that unbaptized infants go to hell as a consequence of original sin. He is one of the most important figures in the development of Western Christianity.

"Any major dude will tell you
Any minor world that falls apart falls together again."

-Steely Dan

I always get original sin confused with the oldest profession. I grew up on Playboy.
This website must be in Central Standard Time. So, you don't have far to go to get to the Bible Belt?
I'm a big Shin fan. It's kind of like Metallica does hip-hop with runs in their nylons.
SEB wrote: "Augustine of Hippo was a Berber philosopher and theologian."

You obviously know little of the Berber. Do a little reading, learn a bit and then come back and you can tell us all just how wrong you were. But, really, if you are as prescient as you claim to be, you already know this and thus are just being disingenuous.

Really, you should consider seeking counseling, I am sure that you can be helped!

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Carlos Guerra Permalink Reply by Carlos Guerra 30 minutes ago
SEB wrote: "Augustine of Hippo was a Berber philosopher and theologian."

@Carlos, If I got it from Wikipedia, how could I be wrong?

I didn't write it. The line you quote and I quoted without attribution is in the first paragraph. I just wanted to see what was the story wrt original sin; I thought it was Eve eating the apple of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I don't care what the Berbers were. It's a carpet.

FYI, first, carlos, we do not dilute what we are saying by doubly weakening it until it means nothing, the way you do. Why do you do that? And why do you guys all want to be portrayed as being outside with the hats and shorts on, in a natural setting? Our phrase is "seek counseling". You are not required to improve upon the grammar. Your grammar is supposed to be super-standardized, and when you write look up the words, because the reader must be freed by the grammar in order to see the possibilities in his own vocabulary, to see if you know what you are talking about when you write, and not dragged down into the dust by hacked-up thinking with five words for every time four will work.
And FYI, it is not counseling. The weapons available to the mental health system outside of the prison system are electroshock, drugs, surgery, confinement, restraint; I hate those ppl. It has been shown that restraint itself will kill a person on cocaine. You should see the chemical lobotomy concept first-hand. All we have in our arsenal to match Stellazine, Thorazine, and Prolixin; to maintain parity if that is the benchmark, is Sarin and binary nerve agents.
Billinghurst, I'll give you ten bucks if you can write something I can understand...
I'd chip in to that pool.

I see posts like his and wonder if it isn't someone playing with a random report generator.
No, it is a thing where you start calling the person an "it"; do not try to garner support in the form of a brown-nosing appeal to the like-minded politically-correct anons on this forum. Use this opportunity to be somebody. Your generational mindset is not survivable and you are not fooling anyone. I am an it to you; you're an it to me, not a person. I hope that is clear.

I am commenting upon your notion of any "random-report generator". Look at today's paper, online, for an article by John Markoff, "Will Machines Master Man?"
Keep your money. It would help to know what something you can understand is. I would offer Hunter Thompson's obituary of Richard Nixon, called, "He was a Crook". I am sure you can find it on the web. I didn't even write it. How would you criticize that? You "may" be much younger than I. You probably think the Vietnam War went rather well, are thinking these wars are going fine, that the economy is on the mend. Good luck with that. The obituary I mention, although good, cannot make up for a total lack of background, if you are that young. Sorry, there are no pictures.

I got that piece from the following chain: the user below is "Mary Wood". Rose Mary Woods was Richard Nixon's secretary. Richard Nixon said famously, "I am not a crook". Hunter Thompson knew better.

Let me know after you read it.
I am replying to my own post. Of course, your claim to not understand what I write was a sham. That kind of lie is typical of the spawn of a country that allows war criminals to walk the walk and talk the talk. Take your little mouse and highlight-copy-past any one sentence of mine, from the capital letter it starts with, to the period at the end and I will gladly rewrite it for you longer, until you do understand.

Meanwhile, another coincidence with a lesson: On a TV program, Nightline or something, we have the story of a Sheriff Lee of Charlotte in Florida and a 911 call when a car turned left on Toledo Blade Blvd. I got the info by Googling '911 Charlotte Toledo Blade'.

I was reading more about Vietnam, a Wiki article on American involvement in Vietnam. This interminable war ruined my country and occupied ten years of my life daily, from 1964 to 1974, when I was 12 to 22. I hate this country as bad as the First Lady does.

Some notable events:
6-11-63 protesting Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc burns on TV
Madame Nhu refers to burning monks as a barbeque
3-11-68 The My Lai Massacre

I've just jotted down Vietnam War Crimes Working Group Files, Pulitzer Prizewinning series of articles on the subject of other, smaller massacres and cover-ups, as My Lai was not alone, Tiger Force of the 101st Airborne Division by the, what do you know, it's the Toledo Blade again.

I saw the monk burn. You sit there on concrete in the lotus position black, in the middle of orange flames ten feet high, with a lot of black smoke. That actor's Duc.

If I am a Buddhist, I don't tell you that. As far as you are concerned, I'm Buddha.

Buddha/Duc sits in the air around Charlotte County's Sheriff Nine One One Call Center for the call that might come in from a concerned driver (actually a Nosy Noserson) which will save his 21-year old daughter, to divert it. You say he turned on Toledo Blade Boulevard? He has a screaming abductee in the green Camaro? Uh huh. Didn't hear that. Sorry, not until you also say why there is a street named Toledo Blade. Did you think we would forget about it? Let you tell it.



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