So, we are all nontheists. Okay, but I am fascinated by ESP, and I'll tell you why: you can try it out on the internet. Prior to the internet, I would write my predictions down and seal them in an envelope. Once I opened the envelope, I would have to have a reason to open it. I'd forgotten what was in there. I never opened it. I lost it. Now, I just post something, a page or two mentioning all kinds of things that pop into my head, from a fire to a baseball bat to a celebrity's name, and boom! It posts with the date and everything. I can easily go back and say, "Look, two days before this person dies, I put his name in my blog". It is fun!

If you think I'm a troll, no: Jesus saves Green Stamps.

I am searching through books for the usages regarding psychic power. Authors do it since they are courageous. You could be afraid of what people might think, which is that you're crazy. However, if you go ahead, you get a lot of words: prognostication, foretelling, foreseeing, hypnosis, etc., and, there are noncontroversial ways to talk about it. We all like the odd coincidence.

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You ruined it like a Frenchman suppressing insurrection with a rifle in the colonies. First you shot the baby out of its mother's arms, then you shot the mother.

That's a very colorful simile.
I sport an afro and a beard, both full of dingleberries. I stink and I ride the bus wearing a pink ballerina outfit and carrying a wand with a star on the end of it. But, I am psychic and that is all there is to it.

Jezzy, you are such a beauty and your language so immaculate that I cannot understand it. "Your lips are moving but the words aren't clear" ("I'm Looking Through You" -The Beatles). However, I do recognize in "dream interpretation" and other interpretation that you would like to explain the paranormal mechanistically. I believe we are not yet at the place in human history when that can be done, so it is futile. These people here, if you are casting about on a deja vu or a dream thing, I'd recommend that you play up hypnosis. They go for that, but I read in a book by Sylvia Brown that she has been a working psychic for fifty years and is a master hypnotist.

I categorize the "living two lives at once" and others just as you would number things in a list, because they repeat. "I am getting another Number Four today", I might realize, and dismiss it. I do not call them lives anyway. I call them lies, as in, "I'm living two lies", "I hope I don't lose my lie", "My golf ball went in the rough and now it has a bad life." These guys do that with fallacies. They have them all on a list pinned to the wall.

The end of psychic investigation you can approach is the frontier where you are not decompensated by the skeptics. Be skeptical of the skeptics. Whatever you prove they will deny. If you tell them to look at a dollar in their pocket, they'll deny they have a dollar. I read the 1933 proof on ESP (referenced in my post above), and I wonder why that is not good enough. The human race has not changed since then. Instead of "Don't reinvent the wheel", I want to say, "Spicer, don't reinvent the computer." But no, Spicer hauls out the inventor of artificial intelligence. I say no since at this rate you will filibuster until all the time is gone. Deep Blue is the world's foremost chess player, and it ain't human. We crossed over. Now will you believe in cyberspace? Now will you believe in superintelligence?

My only problem in joining Dentro in his scowling diminishment of me is my conviction that the present is so fleeting and the past and future so equally extant that since we have just been there, and are about to go there, we can reach in there. The seal cannot be perfect.

The ESP test uses cards. I say I do not have a card. I have today's date, you have it, and that is enough. There were four prime numbers in yesterday's date. Moreover, they are the first four any reasonable person would try. Or, they were those four and the other two were squares, 53 and 17 squared. How is 53^2 yesterday's date (calculator)? 2809 is not August 2, 2009? (throwing calculator away), 17^2 = 289 (I know that like I know the back of my hand), is that not the second of August, 'ought nine? There's nothing you can do but won't hit a prime from there. And you others out there think we are forcing psi on you. No! We are solving the Riemann Hypothesis. At least, it ain't solved.

To establish the set of possibilities for the year, we would imagine every rule for dating today and cut it off after deciding what comes to mind first, second, etc. But, I do it different since I am the psychic. Also, the psychic can only use psi when it is impossible to tell that something is composite by inspection, so we need a rule for two and three. We need a rigorous definition of "by inspection", in other words. And this ain't minor play. The primes are how you define the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic.

Tell 'em how funny they're going to look dividing by Roman Numerals, Jezzy.
If you are so convinced in your own abilities then perhaps you should take your dog and pony show to the James Randi challenge. Prove you are psychic... pocket a million dollars! So instead of wasting your precious time trying to convince us that your neurological grids actually constitute "psychic ability" just go get your vindication through proving your claims on the main stage. Surely if you are as convinced as your proclaim yourself to be, then you should be able to bring to light something new for those who have debunked it for decades
...and murdered millions who have perished in the same decades cry out against Godless Imperialism. James Randi is old enough to be dead. If he were alive the closest personality to his would be Col. Tom Parker, Elvis' manager. Colonel was in it for the colonel. He got his.

The only dog and pony show I can see from my backyard is the result of the phony search for WMD and the one big fat threat is the continuing disinformation coming from the Intelligence "Services" like the C.I.A. Why don't you go after them and not me? Because you're a bully, kj.

Just a thought (because it can't be really done), why would we believe that an atheist government would be merciful or judicious in its undertakings?
Jezzy, you are such a beauty and your language so immaculate that I cannot understand it. "Your lips are moving but the words aren't clear" ("I'm Looking Through You" -The Beatles).

The trick is not proof-reading. If my thoughts are badly pieced together and my opinion unclear, so be it!

If a person is so poor at reading that they stumble when reading my ill-chosen words, they must try several times to understand my meaning. The same is true when a person writes a long, complicated narrative *cough*. To those who simply do not know any better, my writing seems more complex, simply because they have to try harder to figure out what the hell I'm going on about.

Eventually, they pick up the Cliff's Notes, just as they did after 19 pages of The Scarlet Letter. Then my stance on every issue is clear, and they are none the wiser as to my methods. And you... you who likely spent 20 minutes or more perfecting your delicate language, arranging your thoughts cohesively and complicating your ideas just enough to give yourself an intellectual edge... for what? They won't know the difference. I say, just throw a bunch of words in there, and if someone calls you on it, then you can step it up and tell them off. ;)

Oh! And I sleep on my face.
I couldn't read your post because of your avatar. The dazzling beauty of the woman smelling the rose was like the sun blinding me. It had nothing to do with the words. I couldn't focus due to the self-consciousness I felt with the pic staring back at me. I want to put my hand over it.

Notre Dame
I'll take care of it...
I do not accept your challenge.

The reason for that is the following: Number one, I am doing things on how to treat people. Number two, I have something prepared for you, as well you might for me, and what I have is what I care about, not in the least whatever it is you might have.

The word people is one of which I am tired. I have examined the use of words long enough to tell that "individuals" is an acceptable substitute, and am definitely in favor of being an individual. I would like to tell you what you can do with that money, the pocket, the chair you are sitting on, and the keyboard, but I won't.

This is my choice, isn't it?

It is difficult to get you off my mind. I had noticed that my E-mail had a reply from you, and I dreaded opening it. Perhaps you can see that. I am posting now with a (somewhat lopsided) smile on the clock, the "smile time" being 10:10. I am posting a little later today, because you bother me.

My thoughts closest to the subject of ESP are, i. I only joined this forum July 8. ii. It is 3 1/2 days until August 8. iii. An average month is over 29 days, therefore it is 1 1/2 days until the same average lunar phase. Can you compute the sentence using extreme instead of "average"? Since you can't see time the way it really is, you living 50 years; it going for 4.5 b.y., in order to appreciate the violence of events, you need to see hundreds of years each second. I logged on here and within the blink of an eye a comet hit Jupiter. You want a prediction? No comet will hit Jupiter again that we can image within the next fifteen years. That's one, Dentro. Do you know why you need an experiment which is concluded in one day? I do not want to tell you. Okay, I'll tell you: you are an individual whose characteristic fault is prematurity. So wait the fifteen years. You'll be here anyway, fool.

Causes/effects are the secondary and likewise subject and the other thing, that which is amenable to the same mathematics? The answer is means/objectives, and I do not care for your objectives insofar as I can see them. It is the 80-20 rule. 80% of the measurable progress that you can make any day is on 20% of the items on your to-do list. Your shit wasn't on my list!

If you want to know, what I have to tell you that you may use, is that in a standardized collection of numbers, you are going to name the lowest one first; that's everyone's desire for propriety showing. But, since the integer 1 comes first, you are going to be offering up odd numbers first.
Time to say "uncle", Detroman. SEB's not interested in debate. Let him talk to himself. That's all he's really doing anyway.
QUOTE (seb)
"odd numbers first"

You failed, Dentro. Can't you read? It's the last three words in my post. Don't be fooled by the statement, "I do not accept your challenge", BTW. I am 1337, , nOOb.

QUOTE (Dentroman)


Is 431 not odd? All you had to do was put 432. If you said an odd number, you fail so miserably, why even continue to embarrass yourself, and that coming from a guy with a molesterstasche who drives around in a van with no windows. Bet I have a clown suit in the back and you'll win.

kj, drop a shirt over those arms the next time you talk to me, heathen.

One thing when playing into someone's diversionary tactic (at the second-grade level, counting money) is that they're lazy, so it's odd.

You wanted an ironclad guarantee that you weren't cheating, so on (a) causes/effects or (b) means/objectives, which has been selected? Right, b.

Achieving certainty through human methods is impossible, we assert that these principles (axioms and conclusions in math) can only be grasped through intuition (did you really think I was going to do the combinatoric generating functions in order to determine that odd coin sums predominate, or use brute force? Not) and this fact underscores the necessity for submission to God in searching out truths - Pascal

Pascal gave one of the 17th century's major statements on the scientific method: In order to show that a hypothesis is evident, it does not suffice that all the phenomena follow from it. Instead, if it leads to something contrary to a single one of the phenomena ($4.31 is over a dollar, $4.31 has a whole number part whose name is the same length as the number of letters, $4.31 is odd, etc.), that suffices to establish its falsity.

You didn't do that, Dentro. I'm the bad guy. Anything I do wrong is on purpose.

Recursion was the way I portended the comet. Therefore, I had the prediction in days before the event, cryptographically. The information was studied as hidden, not studied to find, until I brought it out in an unposted permutation, thus: Rearranging "There a re noncontroversial ways to talk about ESP," etc (rough transcription); can you see HERA yet?


How about now, second line, iff an 'A' lands on the left, second column. I use this format, but I don't have a computer buddy, so I have to use brute force, not Excel. Note the advantage of the format (over spouting extemporaneous nonsense) for producing a rigid "left, center, right" tag. Anything other than this uses people, numerologists, with hair on their backs. I want to read a whole newspaper with three-character columns under a three-inch headline, JAPS BOMB PEARL HARBOR, while wearing a hat for the last time, eating a steak three inches thick, with mushrooms and all the trimmings; baked potato, chives, sour cream.

I used intuition to cut the column length, and Hera led to Zeus and Echo lied to Hera and Zeus led to Jupiter. Wesley in Australia went to bed and got back up and made the discovery.

Yet you didn't put forth any way for me to stay honest on my end. Why? Your experiment was flawed. Did I say anything? You now recant, too, welsher. What about Steve?
Check out what even numbers can do:
43 - 2 = 41
41 - 4 = 37
37 - 6 = 31
31 - 8 = 23
23 - 10 = 13.

You still don't know how easy this is for me. I'm really a computer program called SmartChild. Smarter? Fuck. Blew that.
Don't forget that I am batting 1.000.




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