So, we are all nontheists. Okay, but I am fascinated by ESP, and I'll tell you why: you can try it out on the internet. Prior to the internet, I would write my predictions down and seal them in an envelope. Once I opened the envelope, I would have to have a reason to open it. I'd forgotten what was in there. I never opened it. I lost it. Now, I just post something, a page or two mentioning all kinds of things that pop into my head, from a fire to a baseball bat to a celebrity's name, and boom! It posts with the date and everything. I can easily go back and say, "Look, two days before this person dies, I put his name in my blog". It is fun!

If you think I'm a troll, no: Jesus saves Green Stamps.

I am searching through books for the usages regarding psychic power. Authors do it since they are courageous. You could be afraid of what people might think, which is that you're crazy. However, if you go ahead, you get a lot of words: prognostication, foretelling, foreseeing, hypnosis, etc., and, there are noncontroversial ways to talk about it. We all like the odd coincidence.

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This is another one of those I assume are a joke, but I'll treat as if they aren't just in case.

There are noncontroversial ways to talk about anything. Rarely is there a reason to be noncontroversial.
I'm sure I could discuss the reality of dowsing, astrology, telepathy, object reading, ouiji boards, ghosts, UFO visitations, psychics and gods in a noncontroversial manner. I'm not going to, but I could.

There's no such thing as ESP. It's a nice thought, and I wish there were, but there isn't.

Authors write books on ESP because people will buy anything that reinforces beliefs they already hold.
A good book on ESP is "Debunked!: ESP, Telekinesis, and Other Pseudoscience".
Yeah, you could Joey. I remember a movie, "Pal Joey". I bring that up since these other two can be dealt with more easily than the man with the longer memory. "Pray we don't get fooled again", it may go. None of your rock artists are like The Who (source: The Who). your SAT scores are inflated. Your schools are dumbed down (since the 1930s), your economy toast.

BTW, "I could prove it with the document I have right here in my inside breast pocket (taps coat lapel)". That fallacy is 'testimonial'. Just a hint for Joey.

You could gang all those things up and deal with them together. What's the common thread?
"Oh, these are things I don't believe in". What's the difference between "believe" and "believe in"?

Consider that each telekinetic, astrologer, dowser, will fall on a scale from no talent to talented. What if the gift resides in the person, and you need that specific person to refute it?

I mean, pay attention here because it is hard to follow: On your first day working, you throw away everything you learned in school. That's right, 20 years wasted. Now you get paid. Up in the outer reaches of payment, well beyond your means, lie the real workers, the designers, the single grain of psychic power, psychic force. they don't give interviews. They make a million dollars a month. Oh, I realize, we never disprove a negative. In science, that's true. In math, not so true. Why is this science again? I thought it was superstition. Why does science have to deal with it? Is this because early scientists, like Galileo, were attacked by the Church, so if it isn't attack/counterattack on the Spanish Inquisition, it falls through the cracks?

Notice as your economy crumbles that being highly outnumbered by losers, the winners in each crash and follow-on war remain piquantly low profile.

Yeah, I know, the spoon-bending on a Uri Gellar leaves one unimpressed. They do have a country, Isreal, we are fighting Arabs for them, and they are nuclear-armed. But, Uri Gellar's a fraud, dragged through the streets, disemboweled. Uh, but wasn't that Uri Gellar I saw on TV Re: Michael Jackson? Gee, they must have paid Uri a pretty penny to appear on television, ya think?

No, it's not Uri Gellar. It is an experiment carried out, I do not have the ref,it's on the internet, but the number of correctly-guessed remote cards was 558, so, when you find that article, that's it. The proper number for chance was, I believe, 387. That's all the evidence I'm going on, until we get into my own. My birthday's April 16. In 2007, we had a slight mass murder. When we get a higher death toll, I'll gladly relinquish the title. What, did you want me to be in it? Nah. Can't do that. They don't let you post from prison.
Ah, my mistake. It's not a joke. You're a looney wanker or a troll.
"I mean, pay attention here because it is hard to follow" Yeah? No kidding. You should use that as a disclaimer.
You know no matter how much acid you drop, it's not going to let you cast spells, right?
Is that avatar of you as rough trade in a gay bar, with your arm on the juke box? It looks like leather.
Nah, it's Sleazy P Martini from Gwar.
Old joke from a loooong time ago.
The reason for the reaction to ESP is the same reason for the reaction to the idea of gods. There's no conclusive, objective evidence for it.

People have been testing it for years and so far, the evidence shows that there is no precognition, mind-to-mind communication, bending spoons or keys with mental powers, psychokinesis, distance photography or any of the other myriad claims of special psychic ability.

Atheists are, by definition, skeptical. We live by the coda, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Even if you were to tell me the last four digits of my social security number with no outside means of knowing, it would mean that you managed to be the 1 in 10000 odds. It would not be undeniable proof of psychic powers. It would mean you got lucky.

Now if you got all 9 of my digits in the correct order and did the same for my wife and kids, then you might be onto something (although if you knew the state I grew up in, the odds of getting the first five are actually 1 in 200 which is actually pretty good... better than a straight flush in poker).

Incidentally, hypnosis doesn't fit in with prognostication, foretelling or foreseeing. There is actual clinical evidence that shows that people can enter a state we define as hypnosis. Revealing past lives or other things through hypnosis? Well, that's proven to be nonsense so far.
"there are noncontroversial ways to talk about it. We all like the odd coincidence."

And your point is?

I'm not especially interested in coincidence,and don't usually find them of interest, although,they at times seem ironic to me. Generally, I have no problem with coincidence, which I accept as random chance. I do not try to impose patterns or meaning where there are none.

My position is everything happens from a cause,but I do not believe everything happens for a reason, in fact I believe most things do not.

When someone asks "Why me?" I reply "Why not you (or me)?".

Over about a 40 year period I've met dozens believers who can waffle for hours about all manner of para normal events,often managing to sound quite rational, until you actually examine what they say.

I was fascinated in the occult and the paranormal for over 20 years.Not finding any proof,at all,I gave up my interest. Writing this post is the extent of my interest in the para normal. I do not assert "there's no such thing" as I don't know that for a fact, neither does anyone else. I DO assert that I don't belive because there in no evidence of which I'm aware.

Twenty years is a long time to chase shadows. I really did look,because I really wanted at least SOME of that shit to be real.I also spent 10 years studying and practising Astrology,also bullshit Imo. Overall, I found nothing which would allow me to believe in ANY of the nonsense called "The para normal" or' "The Occult" --BUt, I read a LOT of books,and met some VERY strange people.

Today,I'm willing to believe the minute someone backs up their claims(s) with evidence which stands up to scientific scrutiny. However, I have no interest in searching for such evidence.
Well, everyone, it is a joke. Now that it is a joke, why don't you trot out your finest chemist, and let's talk about the best way to manufacture methamphetamine?
"there are noncontroversial ways to talk about it"
"and your point is?"-Look, I said NONCONTROVERSIAL. I am asking you to be polite. Asking what my "point" is, come on, I have seen that before. It is always used as a sarcastic comeback. Please do not be controversial with me on the subject of lightning bolts coming down from heaven and frying you in your boots. That is what I meant. It SAYS that. Why can't you read for the content of the reading assignment?

Yeah, you have no interest in searching for such evidence. Duh! This whole website's all over that, y'think? You don't have to say that. The problem is, i. Your language is not adequate to express fine distinctions in everyday thought. It is good for brutal, totalitarian purposes. for example, "They put that sign there for a reason". Right. A bad reason (a) For your nefarious purposes, (b) For a reasoning process crawling with fallacious, conclusion-driven bias and prejudice. So, sir, you created the "for a reason" paper tiger and knocked it down. And your point is?

Plus, I do not wish to read and reply on an inadequate argumentation basis. I want to look up the argument which must exist somewhere and download it as you would a chess game played by Grandmasters ON BOTH SIDES! Do you think I like this?

BTW, unfortunately, the frying in the boots or blasting that silly hat off your head all too often only happens to some innocent third party. One joke goes, "It is the fifth of the month so I bet the five horse to win in the fifth race". "What happened?" "It came in fifth."
in a deal, somebody gets dealt with first
It can't be your time of the month. Are you mad because a house fell on your sister?
That, sir, is uncalled for.

Please check "Atheist: Logic & Fallacies" for some ideas about how to construct a logical argument rather than this sort of blatant sexism and name calling.


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