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"Books you might go to jail for"


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It has come to my attention that you do in fact keep the Holy Bible in your library. I would advise that you remove all copies as you might face felony prosecution.
People who distribute bibles to minors, including parents,  should be put in jail and have a felony conviction marked on their record.
If I gave a pornographic magazine to a 14 year old, I could and probably would be charged with a felony. The bible states, levectious 20:13 king james version (and other translations as well):
"13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."
I am hereby officially giving you warning that if you continue to keep the Holy Bible in your library you will probably face felony charges. CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER is one of them. If you transfer the bible to a minor, you will be charged with providing indecency to a minor and possibly others as well.
If you want to avoid jail, I suggest you remove this BOOK OF HATE from the shelf of your library.
Seeing how the local DA likely isn't going to file charges on you, THE FEDS WILL! FED TIME = DAY FOR DAY, no perole or probation there! You are likely to spend the rest of your life in jail if you don't get rid of the Holy Bible.


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Actually, in that light, I could almost agree with putting a surgeon general's warning on it. But in order to swing that, there would have to be peer reviewed studies that directly link belief in the bible to severe mental illness, and while I'm beginning to believe there might be a case for that (particularly where human sexuality is concerned), I strongly suspect we would be hard pressed to, first off, find such studies, and second, convince the most religious first world nation that said studies weren't conducted by satan and therefore warrant action to protect our children. Also I don't believe at all that a warning would steer christians away from teaching it to their children anyhow.

Also, why were you so upset when you wrote it?

Ha! That'd work. Though I expect the list of side-effects under the exposure warning heading would generate massive eyerolls among the terminally religious who can no longer grasp bigotry and hatred as being a very very big red flag.

I would actually think highly of a library that added R. Crumb's Illustrated Book of Genesis to its collection.

It doesn't pull any punches.


For fun last Christmas I kept moving a copy of it from the graphic novels at the bookstore and moving it over to "Christian Inspiration", for the LULZ.... ;-)


I'm a(n) (underemployed) librarian and I can tell you, I'd throw this letter in the trash without a second glance, or delete such an email without batting an eye.


Yes, Robert Green Ingersoll made precisely the point you're trying to make, way back in the late 19th century.  But censorship is not something I can support.


One person's pornography is another person's erotica.  Some university libraries do hold back issues of Playboy--in the boring old bound periodicals section, or on microfilm (for the articles!)





I got Crumb's book for my birthday - it's great.  It's also word for word the book of Genesis and is accurately depicted in the drawings.  It's a great tool for showing the absurd reality of Genesis.
Bullshit that the bible is, it is still the most influential book in western civilization. Censorship is not an acceptable action, particularly for a librarian – it's something Sarah Palin tried when she was mayor of Wasella.

I rather ban those Twilight books. They're even lamer than the Bible!!



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