A Life Without Religion—What Is It Like And What Does It Need That A/N Can Give Them?

I quit Catholicism decades ago for agnosticism and it wasn’t easy.  I enjoyed agnosticism but ten years ago, having had no lightning bolts strike nearby, I quit it for atheism. Needing only to see as certainties what I had seen as uncertain, i needed info.

I looked for and found the info at A/N. Living in a small town, I looked for people I could talk with freely and found them at A/N.

I still know many religious people but they, wearing religion’s chains, are not free. The people here at A/N are free and I want them in my life.

I’m also helping others free themselves from religion’s chains. It’s really fun.

What did you need? What do you now need?

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This is a topic Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist deals with constantly: people coming out of religion and trying to figure out where they go from that point.

What do they need?  A couple things

  • To know that: "You're not alone and you're not crazy."
  • Regarding not being alone, that atheists do have community and they deserve its support.
  • Learning about those who have gone before them, to know there is strength in their position
    • Richard Dawkins
    • Christopher Hitchens
    • Sam Harris
    • Aron Ra
    • Matt Dillahunty
    • Too many others to mention
  • Fostering self-confidence in their new position

So that the next person who declares, "I don't believe in god" can have an even larger community and greater support.

This ain't the whole ball of wax, but I think it's an important part of it.




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