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The data is bad enough.  The comments ... [sigh] at times, I think I should just ignore the comments.

Umm… at this point both creationism and (macro)evolutionism are BELIEFS. I slip a “macro” in there because adaptation is obviously a fact and is quite different from the changing of an animal from one kind of animal into another.

Until there is CONCRETE proof that one type of animal evolved into another, completely different kind of animal, creationists will exist. There are too many missing links to straight up say that creationists are DUMB.


Like this one... where do they get this idea??? Barton toying with evolution as well as history??? I really don't see anyone, anywhere positing that a bird turned into a dog, or a fish turned into a mammoth... so where the hell is this coming from?

But I can't straight up call them DUMB? Okay what about straight up STUPID? They've even been provided with easy to follow examples, complete with pictures and flashcards and he still says they need concrete proof of one animal evolving into something completely different... why didn't all the apes evolve? I hear that one all the time... obviously some of them didn't!!! Oy Vey, my head! My apologies to any apes I may have offended!

Thanks for the link.

I pasted the picture below so I could refer to it.

When I teach evolution and Natural Selection I have encountered this type of thinking in the students.

They become visibly upset at the topic of there being no god involved in the process of Evolution.

I've probably said this a dozen times one way or the other: if there was some unseen, external influence on the process of human evolution, there should have been evidence of the nature of that influence.  Yet we see none.

Anyone wanna suggest why?  Oh, and those who say that "god moves in mysterious ways" get an F for the day!

The sampling is terribly small so I won't put too much stock in the graph, however the news here this morning on channel 11 WTVD showed a graph of those who believe in Creationism, showing the polling at 46% of Americans yada yada and so on and so forth, on the MORNING NEWS!!! I didn't see the Gallup Poll sampling information mentioned at all, of course I was trying to reach the remote to change the damn channel, so I probably missed that part.... if it's likely they were honest....

Okay I went and checked, I think they're citing the exact same poll even though the graphs are completely different in style.... what was the Pew Research poll concerning the same issue I wonder....

Evolution Made Simple

Hehe, sorry I just had to!

OMG LOL he and I need to talk about that book, when again was it sir that 'light' came into the picture? Genesis says 'we created them' - who is this 'we' they speak of again? I shouldn't laugh but Wow! the stupid it burns!

Heh, can you smell the smoke from North Carolina?

Can you send ammo and rations, we're surrounded!

LOL I still love the line, I think it was comedian Bill Hicks, he said "The Christians will claim the fossils were put here to test our faith." - and he said something like, "and you were put here to test mine!"

Visibly? Do you see fear? Confusion? Have you thought about why? If you have, can you tell us the why?


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